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Implementing CLIL method into the school curriculum
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA101-000041
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:3005 €
Sumár projektu:The initial background of the Implementation CLIL method in the school curriculum project lies in the preceding EU school project The Change of traditional school into the modern one. While the previous project provided school with IT equipment, literature, teachers´created pedagogical materials for students the objective of this project -"Implementation CLIL method in the school curriculum" is to disseminate and enforce CLIL method, not only at the local (our school, school magazine Preklepy, school radio), regional ( secondary grammar schools in our region "Open Day for public " event)but even international level (EU schools via e-twinning cooperation). Our target is to promote and imply learning and linguistic diversity in order to improve learning performance by CLIL method ( content langauge learning , teaching the subject via foreign langauge). Our aim is to reach the target group of 650 secondary students and 15 teachers, learning various subjects such as Geography, Social studies, Maths , Mother tongue ( Slovak language - literature) in foreign language (English, German, Russian) - in fact to reach the fact that each student will learn at least one subject via foreign language. Our institution will run a number of student-based activities, projects in different subjects in foreign languages (e.g. Famous composers - the one I admire Music lesson, Famous writers - the one I admire - Slovak , English, German, Russian langauges, Our town - Our country Geography ). We will organize the dissemination activities - OPEN DAY with CLIL lessons for parents, public representatives, public, other schools´staff and students. Our activities can be presented and disseminated through school magazine PREKLEPY, the school web site , radio, the students´blogs and facebook community of our GAV students. We expect to change school curriculum by implementing CLIL method into various subjects - target group staff and students. Students as one of the target groups are expected to be increasingly motivated into learning languages and subjects - content by the CLIL method. ( educational process - subjects content taught in foreign language) . We anticipate the reinforcement of teachers language and content as well as digital competences by using CLIL method. We expect the significant reinforcement of the participant´s pedagogical skills ( CLIL method) , digital skills ( creating content in the foreign background by using IT tools, such as MOODLE, viki, blogs) , communicative foreign skills.( presenting the content in the foreign subject) There is significant impact on the management of our institution to be expected by reinforcing the team-building ( creating CLIL teams, constant dialogue about the content in the foreign langauge) in fact modernization of the entire institution.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium Andreja Vrábla, Levice
Partneri:Anglolang (Scarborough) Ltd
SCARBOROUGH, United Kingdom