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Produktion fachsprachlicher Online-Lehr- und Lerntools und ihre Nutzung für die Ausbildung in der Fachrichtung Reiseverkehr
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA203-000470
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:202424 €
Sumár projektu:The goal of this project was determined due to contemporary missing appropriate teaching/learning materials dealing with the specific language communication in tourism taking into consideration the medical, security and environmental aspects in those partner countries closely cooperating with German-speaking countries. The students of this given field have to be skilled in modern media application to be able to use in a more appropiate way the provided opportunities in Europe. This project is devoted to intermediation of current specific language communication in the field of tourism applying technologically supported modularization concepts. The most dominant goal is the production of both the concept and the materials in the form of a modern blended-learning platform for short-term (teachers/tutors) and long-term target groups (students), multipliers and professional organisations/stakeholders. This platform will be open to public and from the very beginning of the project enabling the target groups in the partner countries not only access to the well-known website functions of the language modules (project description, self-assessment test/quiz, exercises, listening script, disclosures, contact function, imprint, links) but also further useful, modern, multilingual, interactive web2 applications (weblogs, contributions, newsfeeds on project issues, podcasts/videocasts, wikis etc) with the aim to inform the target groups about the politics of the European Union and enable them to be actively involved in the project either by adding comments, active language and cultural training applying the authentic sources, materials or by obtaining feedback from the webmasters or partner institutions from the partner countries. All important information such as the project description, newsletters etc will be provided in partner languages as well. The interactive RSS-function enables the users to subscribe individual newsfeeds and in this way be informed about the current issues. The structure and organisation of the project work is characterised by closely interlinking of research, product development and optimalization, testing and valorisation of the products and consequent tasks and accomplishments. The most relevant tasks of the project are as follows: - project relevant research on main issues of the project (mainly products/materials) completed in partner countries and presented in their publications - development of the complex methodical-didactical course concepts, assessment of the topics for the online and offline exercises - development of a teacher´s / tutor´s book for each language including tutorial guidelines for the teaching of blended-learning courses - development of the multilingual, interactive tutorial blended-learning webportal with guidelines, online and offline exercises, videos, audios, guidance, glossaries, ECL-tests, podcasts/videocasts, wikis, links, quiz, online questionnaires, statistics, blogs, photogalleries, eventuell aspect related specific language communication via You-Tube channel - development of the specified internal project website (Intranet) enabling internal communication at the communication platform - provision of valorisation/sustainability via valorisation advisory board and valorisation workshops and conferences. In the process of dissemination, testing/valorisation the valid quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques will be applied. The valorisation will be provided by the involved practice partners leading to the reliable application carried out by the project partners /practice partners. The testing of the materials will be performed on the one hand within the events, courses in the teaching centre of the partners or in similar events organised by external co-workers and on the other hand the appropriate website tools will be applied. The most important tools are as follows: online questionnaires, web statistics, the button “favourite offers“ at the internal projectsite, direct reactions via contact functions, usage of skype/chat, weblog, RSS- function, reactions to the newsletters. All related functions will be available and evaluated at the project website and targeted at further valorisation/optimalization of the project products.The available tools such as the webstatistics will be adjusted to these requirements. The fourteen-day intensive courses in Germany have a key role to play within the activities provided for the target groups selected in project partner institutes. These courses are long-term and meticulously prepared and evaluated. Within the intensive courses in Federal Republic of Germany (Erfurt) the course attendants are required to complete their EUROPASS under the supervision of the German teachers and perform entry- and final tests. The relevant products and information about the project events will be published in ADAM.
Koordinátor:Technická univerzita v Košiciach
Partneri:Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation e. V. Jena
Jena, Germany
Kentro Dia Viou Mathisis Vios Limited
Aglantzia, Cyprus
RIJEKA, Croatia