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Besst Study Group
Číslo projektu:2015-1-SK01-KA101-008606
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:13830 €
Sumár projektu:" BESST Study Group" Project is a project, worked out by a Slovak Bilingual Primary school BESST. The school follows 2 curricula, e.i. Slovak national curriculum and the international standards set by Cambridge International examinations. Therefore, the teachers who teach at this school are more challenged to master the language and /or educational process so that the objectives of both curricula are fulfilled. The teachers at BESST are encouraged to use innovative and nontraditional methods in order to handle the educational process. The teachers who are involved in the programme represent different areas of school life. It means English language teachers, English Maths teacher, special educator and a teacher who specializes in overcoming language barrier. We are applying for a 2-year grant so that 7 teachers from primary as well as secondary stage would be given this great opportunity to enrich their professional growth with new teaching methods, tools and competencies. The objectives of our project are :1. To take part in a language course and thus become more confident in speaking, explaining new information and organising pupils. 2. To learn new techniques and methods how to inspire pupils and get them involved in learning 3. To get new information on inclusive learning and learn new techniques to help students with learning difficulties. 4. To get in touch with teachers around the world and possibly start cooperation with other schools in Europe Participants: The selection of the participants has been based on the school current needs. Mgr Lucia Urbanovicova - name of the course: Methodology for Teaching English spoken Grammar; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury. Mgr Urbanovicova is the head of English Department at our school and the Coordinator for Cambridge Curriculum, she specializes in teaching grammar trying to make it easier to understand for the pupils who study English as a first language, even though their mother tongue is Slovak or some other foreign language. Mgr Jana Kovacova - name of the course: Drama techniques for creative language teaching; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury. Mgr Kovacova is an English teacher who specializes in helping new students from abroad or from different environments with overcoming language barrier and she helps primary students to learn English in a creative and interesting way. Mgr Pavol Majercik - name of the course: English language improvement for teachers; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury. Mgr Majercik teaches Maths and Science. He teaches the subject in English and thus needs to work on his language skills to become more fluent and confident when speaking. Mgr Katarina Nagyova - name of the course : Special Needs and Inclusive Learnig ; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury. Mgr Nagyova is a special educator, who is in charge of helping the pupils with special needs at our school. The course she would like to take part in will give her a great opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches and get information about new trends in the field. She would be happy to share her experiences with other teachers, too. During the next year our other 3 teachers will participate in the courses for primary schools, stage 1 (year 1 to year 4) to learn about latest teaching trends andways of inspiring young learners and a Science teacher, who would like to take the opportunity to increase his language skills so that he becomes more fluent and confident in speaking. Mgr Katarina Hovancova : Methodology for primary teachers; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury. Mgr Hovancova is a primary teacher, who has several bilingual children in her class. Mgr Petra Sykorova: Creative methodology for the classroom; Pilgrims Teacher Training, Canterbury; English and Slovak teacher Mgr Julius Kovac: Teaching languages through technologies; Pilgrims Teacher Train. Mgr Kovac teaches Science, Biology and Geography. We expect that the participants of the programme will bring a breath of fresh air in our methodological approaches, that their language skills get better, that they use the acquired inspiration to motivate their colleagues in their every day effort as well as students in their growth. We also expect that the information obtained by 7 of our teachers will be beneficial for the rest of the staff but also that it will be a motivation for them to grow and participate in similar programmes or mobility opportunities. We are planning to summarize everything we learn in a presentation and organize a course for the rest of our staff, so that the new ideas and information are shared and used in practice. We intend to cooperate with the local and national media to promote Erasmus + and its activities.The target groups will be other teachers, especially the teachers of our school, our pupils, their parents, but thanks to the article in the local newspapers and/ or a local Tv report we will address public too.
Koordinátor:Súkromná základná škola BESST, Limbová 3, Trnava