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take the e+train
Číslo projektu:2017-1-ES01-KA219-038105_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:We are six European Schools from Spain, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and Lithuania that have decided to join together in a project called Take the e+ Train. Using the theme of trains we want to link our schools, learn about our different cultures, embrace the concept of European citizenship and promote social inclusion. We also want to develop ecology consciousness in our communities and establish a healthy and safe style of living in our communities. Through the use of the new technologies we want to develop our students’ academic, social, linguistic and digital skills that will allow them to be future European citizens capable of surviving the constant changes in their social environment. We will seek the collaboration of our parents, our local authorities, our educational institutions and we will create synergies with other teaching and nonteaching institutions in our communities. We want the project to reach all the students in our partnership, we aim to recognise individuality and cater for the needs of individual people. We have planned activities suitable for different levels and capabilities. Designing and building a train track together, writing a cooperative story based on the project’s mascot and two refugee children travelling to all our countries by train, learning and sharing train songs and poems and getting involved in some ecology activities will cater for all our younger and older students involving all our students in the project. Collaborative work will the engine of our project. Teachers and students will cooperate using digital platforms making our students competent digital users and enhancing cooperative work in our schools. We will share our good practices and help each other to establish a more collaborative approach in our schools. We will make sure that our local national, European and international communities know about our project, we will use our website, our social media accounts and other digital and no digital tools to share and spread our project products and results beyond our partnership. Take the e+ train project will have an impact in our students, teachers, schools and communities. More collaborative work will be established in all partner schools and there will be more ecology consciousness and more awareness of the social inclusion problems in Europe. Our students will be open to new ways of teaching and learning and our teachers will become more competent. All the changes generated by the project in our schools will be kept and develop further after the life of the project and we find new ways of collaboration with our partner schools. We hope that by sharing our project products, results and achievements we inspire and encourage other schools to get involved in similar projects in the future.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola Jana Kollara