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The B.R.E.A.D. Project : We build, we research, we experience, we adopt, we develop!
Číslo projektu:2017-1-FR01-KA219-037245_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:The B.R.E.A.D. Project will be coordinated France and the partners are Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey.Duration of the project is 36 months.We have discussed the development of basic skills at this project which is one of the strategic objectives of the Europe 2020. So, we will contribute to both the objectives of Europe 2020 and the development of students who have disadvantaged conditions and difficulties in learning basic skills.We are aimed to develop the basic skills by using the theme of “bread” that forms of civilization and we eat every day.We want to educate a next generation who has abilities on reading, writing, speaking, listening in both their native and foreign language, who can use ITC, learn life long, think independently and multi dimensional, make correct decisions, solve problems they face, discover their own abilities, create their future enterprisingly, improve European identity and create an European profile and who are sensitive for social issues.At the same time, as an institution we want to strengthen the Europe dimension in education, to enhance the mobility among countries, to establish new cooperation, and we need to enhance the quality of our intuitions and students by observing and comparing the education systems, policies and best practices in-place. We, all partners, have many similarities about the students who are disadvantageous, who have low marks and difficulties in learning. We all want to act in concert and improve the activities and good practices about basic skills of education the students need.The students will prepare some presentations, visit the bread bakeries and interview with the bakers and farmers and shoot a video film named "Journey of grains to our table”, search and learn the history of bread for e-book, types of European breads, bread-theme poems, expressions, proverbs, folk songs and folk dance, prepare a statistic of the consumption of bread in Europe.The students will join the discussions themed bread waste, observe the duration of mold growth and staling of bread, follow the discovery “extending the time of bread for 15 days” prepared by Inonu Primary School which is deserved to join the region exhibition of “TUBITAK-It’s my work”, make a model of bakery and flour mill from waste materials and exhibition, constitute a student council, create slogans, posters and postcards about “starvation-famine”, publish a notice and send them after exhibiting in order to show support and sensibility of European kids.At the meetings, the students will read poems themed “bread”, sing folk songs and perform folk dances.They will carry out all these events by using ICT tools and some of the techniques and methods of experiment, observation, search, design, freedom of expression, group work, workshop, learning tolerant, analyzing, creative and critical thinking, innovation workshop.Owing to this project, our students will gain some long lasting skills for their life and become individuals who are self-confident, creative, productive, communicative, innovator, qualified, up-and-coming and can take the right decisions, solve the problems and improve their European identity.It is planned to create innovative, productive, new activities and methods which are prepared by each partner so as to make the students improve their basic skills in every international meetings. Our project will enable the participants to; learn and improve a foreign language, develop their communication and ITC skills, share the professional competence via innovative and creative methods; the institutions to; develop cooperation and communication with the other intuitions and organizations, have a creative and innovative team, create an image and prestige, determine quality strategies; the target groups to; improve their basic skills on both the mother tongue and foreign language such as speaking, writing, listening and reading and math’s and science skills, be informed about entrepreneurship, learn to use ICT, solve the problems they face, have an ability of making a decision, learn social values, meet European identity, get a sense of social responsibility, approach tolerantly; the stakeholders to; make new cooperation with our schools, have a desire for moral and material support in the future.Dissemination of the project results will be started after the declaration by the National Agency.Major impact of the project, spreading to the wider community as much as possible and having an accessible to the project results are our basic duty.The e-twinning project, project website, school web pages, moodle, social network sites such as Facebook, local and national press, ‘Booklet of Best Practices’ and documentary film we will sent to the other schools and relevant institutions, Erasmus+ corner and posters, documents, the logos we use in promotions, EST system, the institutions, organizations, associations, municipal and UNİCEF representatives will contribute to promote our project.
Koordinátor:Základná skola Mihálya Tompu - Tompa Mihály Alapiskola, Srobárova 12, Rimavská Sobota - Rimaszombat
Rimavská Sobota