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CHANGE THE GROUNDS - Transforming spaces for learning activities
Číslo projektu:2017-1-SK01-KA201-035316
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:146065 €
Sumár projektu:In many countries around the world outside learning and play is being seen more and more as a key part of successful teaching and learning, as well as supporting child development. However, school education in Slovakia is based almost on indoor learning while outside spaces are not basically used for education (based on research targeted 231 school teachers in Slovakia, outside learning activities are provided once a month or less often in schools). An international movement focused on outside learning and school grounds, on European level represented by the International School Grounds Alliance, has already started implementing steps towards change & use of outside spaces. Today we see also some activities in Slovakia focusing on trying to extend education out from the four walls of classroom environment – however, some have resulted in building a traditional classroom outside, while providing children with only a limited access to the broad range of experiences of the world around them. In contrast, in the UK and Germany school grounds are being developed for greater use by their pupils and staff, through building small and creative places with educational objects, instead of eventless and cheerless school grounds. In the research, carried out in February 2017, 99% of responders expressed their interest for learning outside as an innovative way for learning, 96% welcome the opportunity of transforming their school grounds for better learning place and 92% express their willingness to participate on project activities focused on transforming the spaces for better outside learning. In response to the above needs, the project focuses on combining already existing A) methodology for outside learning activities while using the school grounds and its elements from UK, B) skills and knowledge about transforming the spaces for better learning from DE, as well as C) training structure for designing the places with focus on the process of transformation from SK, with the aim to build complex training programme, missing nowadays in SK, UK or DE, to lead participants: - To transform their school grounds or nearby public places for better outside learning - To motivate teachers to take their everyday learning outside - To offer the ideas for outside learning activities - To support teachers` confidence in application of new methods of outside teaching and learning - To be able to propose proper outside learning activity while using the elements from school grounds and public places - To be more active in society - To gain skills of project partners in specific field of complex planning the re-design of spaces for outside learning - The last, but not least, foster quality improvements, and innovation excellence at the level of education and training institutions, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers These GENERAL OBJECTIVES of the project and OVERALL PROJECT GOAL aimed at “Supporting the skills of teachers for transforming the spaces for outside learning” will be reached through development of 4 project outputs: O1/HANDBOOK for transforming spaces for learning activities, O2/ONLINE GUIDE for re-design of school grounds and public places, O3/IDEAS FOR DESIGNS of school grounds and public places, and O4/INSPIRATIONS FOR LEARNING ACTIVITIES using re-designed grounds, which will all together provide a complex training material. The direct target groups of proposed project CHANGE THE GROUNDS are project partners and teachers from primary schools in SK, UK, and DE. Partnership plans to implement following activities, while addressing project target groups and concrete participants: - RE-DESIGNING AND TRANSFORMING THE SPACES FOR LEARNING ACTIVITIES (O3) involving 12 teachers - TRAINING EVENT, involving 21 participants – teachers and partners institutions - INSPIRATIONS FOR OUTSIDE LEARNING ACTIVITIES, proposed by teachers (O4) through implementation of gained knowledge and increased skills from O1/HANDBOOK and O2/ONLINE GUIDE. Other project events, conferences, will be opened to any interested teachers, workers with children, school leaders as well as students of teaching professions in all the partner countries. In order to achieve objectives, all together 4 partners, 2 NGOs from SK (Strom zivota and INAK) and educational institutions from UK (Learning Through Landscapes) and DE (Green League), all active in education and training, will be involved in the partnership. We believe the expertise of above institutions will contribute to development of strong network, leading to successful fulfillment of project objectives, with developing bases of future long - term cooperation for the benefit of all involved. Project outputs, developed in the project, have the potential to positively influence large group of teachers and strengthen their skills for transforming the spaces for outside learning, while enhancing the overall quality of learning environment.
Koordinátor:Strom života