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Visualisation of Emotions of Classical Drama
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-047988_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:125741 €
Sumár projektu:The main motivation for this KA2 project Visualisation of Emotions of Classical Drama (VECDRA) is an intention to improve reading skills and classical drama knowledge of our pupils as well as English language skills in a non-traditional way. As the year 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the slogan for the year- Our heritage: where the past meets the future, we have chosen the most famous playwright, William Shakespeare, to introduce beauty and wisdom of classical European literature and have chosen the best partners to fulfil all our targets. While realizing this project we would like to motivate our pupils to read classical Shakespeare's dramas, discuss the main ideas with their literature teachers, take part in lectures of Shakespeare's dramas, learn about nonverbal communication (which is not only an important part of acting but as well a part of common communication and interaction), encourage our pupils to visit different Shakespeare's plays performances and realize their own theatre performance, shoot a film about it, make a TV shot about it and provide their work with an illustration book of main emotions of the characters in key situations. 2nd Grammar School of Xanthi, Greece is a secondary school, which has got long experience with realizing theatre plays, even plays in English language. 35% of their pupils are pupils with special needs, members of the Muslim minority of Thrace. Many of these pupils come from families whose parents are practically illiterate and thus are somehow handicapped when compared with other pupils. In general, most pupils come from low income families and have very few or no opportunities to visit other countries. The project might help these pupils to get involved into an international cooperation and increase their employability and chances to become adequate members of the local community. Stredna priemyselna skola Josefa Murgasa, Banska Bystrica, the Slovak Republic, provides students with full secondary vocational education and prepares them for the pursuit of professions and activities and for study at universities in the following fields of study: Electrical Engineering - (EQF 4), Information and Network Technologies - (EQF 4) and Multimedia - (EQF 4). They are skilled and specialized in shooting films and making TV shots. There is a modern school TV studio at their school. The school teachers have excellent technical expertise in the field of television and multimedia production, which they will surely use in this project. Vyssi odborna skola informacnich studii a Stredni skola elektrotechniky, multimedii a informatiky, Prague, the Czech Republic prepares students in Information technology and security systems (EQF 4), Electrotechnics (EQF 3-4) and Multimedia (EQF). The school teachers are professional photographs and experts on book layout and design. During the project periods we will work to rehearse and shoot two Shakespeare's plays on a real stage in Greek and English, make a TV shot about it and provide our work with an illustration book of main emotions of the characters in key situations. At least 120 of illustrations will form two project books of illustrations. Much more of them will be presented on web pages and offered to our social partners (theatres) as a part of their programme guides. The published illustrations will show us how the project works and meetings with our partners, realized workshops and plays in English will show how the knowledge of English is improving. During the long term mobilities our pupils will extend their school education in 4 ECVET UNITS each and their knowledge will be assessed by the receiving organization an accepted by the sending organization. The project should educate the main workgroup teams, school pupils not fully involved in creative activities including pupils (many of them with special needs), participants from another schools or public not involved in creative activities. We suppose the number of people who will participate in some parts of education will exceed 200. We would like to involve as many pupils and other interested people as we can. We are planning to offer free access to the workshops that will be organized by our schools at our schools to other participants. If the workshop or a lecture will be organized by our possible social partner, e.g. the local British Council office, we can offer some free tickets to the event to some of active pupils, who are not fully involved in our project and offer the participation on the event to another pupils or adults (parents of our pupils, teachers of our school who would be interested in it). We hope that this work will involve not only our main teams, but will attract most of our pupils and even the general public, as we have already discussed possible cooperation with Prague British Council representative, who is ready to cooperate with us as the social partner.
Koordinátor:Stredna priemyselna skola Jozefa Murgasa
Banská Bystrica