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Creativity, Media and Culture Treasures Connect Us
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048209_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:110736 €
Sumár projektu:This project focuses on developing media and communication, developing practical language skills, introducing innovative practise in teaching, deepening our cooperation with schools of similar profiles, increasing vocational skills and competences in the field of digital technology and the knowledge of history and history of art in connection with cultural heritage and environmental questions. We would like to give participants an opportunity to compare the educational systems, to share and exchange ideas and learn about new technologies, to compare their own competitiveness, discover own strengths and weaknesses that will help them in their professional career. Cultural heritage is of universal value to individuals and society as a whole, but closely related to what Europe expects to see in the future. We feel that our different culture heritage can make us see new dimensions in the field of multimedia, and possibly also find out more about ourselves. The objectives of this project: - Media Literacy and Critical Thiking - ICT Proficiency - Cultural Heritage - Cross-curricular teaching - Ecology - Language Proficiency There will be a wide range of participants in this project. Primarily there will be students and teachers directly involved in the project. Each project partner is very different and provides accurate and relevant added value to each other by setting joint goals, sharing good practice and learning soft skills, which cannot be taught in formal education and the most effective way is a non-formal environment. Although only a few representatives (students and teachers) will attend learning and teaching trainings and activities, the students of all schools will benefit from the acquired skills and knowledge learnt at these trainings. The selected students and teachers will be trained as a trainer, to spread the new learnt skills and knowledge among students and teachers in their own school and partner schools. Participating students (students of art schools - of all art fields of study, aged 15-19) and teachers (vocational teachers, language teachers, teachers of history, history of art and ekology) will attend workshops and will be working throughout the project on assigned tasks. In total there will be 800 direct and indirect participants involved in the project. The project has following effect: - teachers and students will share acquired knowledge with their peers - formal and non-formal learning will combine - develop learning and teaching methods and improvement of their qualification - perfection of language and vocational skills - training meetings will motivate the participants for further self-improvement. Students will boost their self-confidence and can compare their strengths and weaknesses. - teachers can compare working conditions - curricula will be adapted and new fields of study might be introduced (for example game design) - promote the networking of schools - promote co-operation based on the use of teaching methods - enhance the school's international cooperation - participating schools acquire prestige in the field of education - increased interest of applicants
Koordinátor:Sukromna stredna umelecka skola filmova