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Traditions Include Values
Číslo projektu:2018-1-IT02-KA229-048121_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:149458 €
Sumár projektu:TIV(Traditions Include Values) is an International project to be carried out under the key Action 2 (School Exchange Partnerships) of Erasmus+ programme. TIV, consisting of 5 partner schools from Italy (the leading partner), Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia, and the Netherlands, aims at creating better citizens of future by transfering the traditions fostering the INTERCULTURAL VALUES OF EUROPE from nation to nation. We have decided to carry out TIV because in partner schools and countries as in all around Europe, the Values Education is a popular topic in the environment where people have been losing their values, being isolated, self-centered, cruel, intolerant and the violence, cruelty, loneliness ...etc are increasing rapidly. That's why, many countries have been performing acts to transmit the Intercultural Values to new generations. We also wanted to take into action in a social matter as responsible people. The project idea has firstly risen in social media and the eTwinning platform, where the Turkish and the Portuguese partner started a project on the eTwinning with the same title ( ). Then, other partners joined them and decided to carry our this project under the Erasmus+ programme to make its effects wider. During TIV, students will firstly search on their traditions having a value at the back side, then, they will transfer those traditions to other students from the partner countries by using digital materials, creating videos, acting out, via competitions, etc.. Thanks to TIV, they will have lots of different gains such as; being aware of their social norms, being aware of customs and traditions in partner countries, understanding and being aware of the importance of values losing their impact day by day neccessary for a better future, being socially active and responsible citizens, making new friends, experiencing the taste of productivity, practising/improving their ICT and language skills, understanding the policy, targets, legal bodies of the EU. During the implementation of TIV, students and teachers from partner countries will travel to each other during LTTAs. In each activity, 5 students and 2 teachers as accompanying persons will travel and carry out the Project activities. TIV consists of activities in a wide range that besides the ones to be performed during LTTAs, partners will also perform lots of different activities, such as "Short Movie Competition", "Photography Competition", "Snapword Competition", etc. Improving participants' ICT usage skills, citizenship, and personal qualities are other key points of TIV that participants will use and learn how to use ICT in a true way by creating too many materials digitally like presentations, recorded videos, interviews, etc. Also, representing their country and schools will make them gain self-confidence, be active citizens. The target group of TIV are the students aged between 10-14 called as upper primary or junior secondary students. We have chosen them as a target group because that age group is at the beginnig of adolescent period during which they gain and form their personal characteristics. We believe that if they gain the expected personal and citizenship qualities at the early age, they will be better citizens and persons in the future. While implementing our project, as our methodology, we will mostly use searching, observing, recording, demonstrating, acting out and lots of different assessment tools. Good communication, good cooperation, planning and a strong sound management will be the key factors that will lead us to reach success. In long term, we hope; to create better citizens and human beings of future, to create the atmosphere firstly in partner schools then in public where the values education has importance and even be a permanent part of regular curriculum, to create a better, more tolerable, more generous, more peaceful, etc. society, to make local authorities and decision makers be aware of the importance of the issue, to help to reach the aim of global unity to help to reduce the isolation in society. To achieve those short and long term objectives, TIV will use the social media, local and national media, oline platforms such as eTwinning, school gateway, project results sharing, project website, school webpages and give much importance to dissemination and sustainability activities. To sum up, in a world where gap generation, social isolation, violence, intolerence, self-centered life, cruelty, etc. are increasing rapidly, TIV is a project aiming at helping to transmit intercultural values of Europe and make new generations be aware of their good traditions and values that are needed for a better world. TIV will remind us the taste of being a human donated with values.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola, Haniska 290