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Be aware of and Protect Nature
Číslo projektu:2018-1-NL01-KA229-038928_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:148883 €
Sumár projektu:BaPN (Be aware of and Protect Nature) is an International project to be carried out in the field of School Exchange Partnerships of Erasmus+. BaPN aims to make the participants and other stakeholders aware of the popular environmental problems and solution while making them improve their citizenship qualities and key competences and also meet new Teaching/Learning approaches and methodologies. BaPN consists of variable acts for students and teachers which manages to combine them in good harmony. The main objectives of BaPN are to make all parts; * be aware of environmental problems and work on solution ways * meet/learn and use new Teaching/Learning methodologies * be active citizens and take action into social matters * improve their key competences and skills * improve their ICT usage capacity * broaden their knowledge * meet and learn about new cultures * take responsibility and gain self confidence * understand the EU policies, priorities and EU bodies * spreading the physical Cultural Heritage of Europe BaPN will be executed by partner schools from Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Slovakia in the leadership of the Dutch partner. The idea of BaPN firstly occurred in social media and turned into a body in e-Twinning platform. All partners were met in e-twinning platform ( after which, they have decided to carry out this project as a School Exchange partnership. All partners have junior secondary school students aged between 10-14 which is the target group of this project. That age group was selected specifically because they are at the beginning of their teens and candidates to becoming adults. This period is when they start to gain their major personal qualifications and habits. We have thought that, if the pupils learn true citizenship qualities at that age, it is likely that they will be better citizens in future. This is also the critical period in which children meet with bad habits and express themselves aggressively. Taking responsibilities, being active, social and self-confident will keep them away from those unwanted incidents. During BaPN, all partners will perform five different Learning/Teaching/Training activities. 4 students and 3 teachers from each partner will attend to those LTTAs. While students work on environmental problems and their solutions such as Global Warming, Pollution etc., teachers will help and guide them to execute those activities by using/meeting new teaching/learning methodologies such as Phenomenal Learning, Flipped Classroom, CILL, Task Based learning, Computer Contributed Learning etc.. Searching and analyzing, group work, kinesthetic learning, learning by doing, cooperative learning and lots of other practical teaching/learning methods will be used actively. Participants will perform live campaigns outside their school such as planting trees, cleaning the beach, having demonstrations... and they will produce products such as sample Solar Energy panels, Wooden household items...etc which will enable them to be an active citizen. In a world where teenagers are bound with technology, of course, improving their ICT skills is another key objective of BaPN. Recording and creating videos, preparing presentations, digital calendars...will help them to learn How to use ICT in a true way. The teachers and students will also meet new and popular teaching/learning methodologies in practice. Whereas they are improving their skills, they will also improve their personality and citizenship quality, evaluate current applications and be more motivated to search, try and perform new ones. Dissemination and sustainability acts, of course, have great importance to achieve the expected benefits in a long term. Therefore, BaPN will try to reach as many people as possible. Cooperating and integrating with stakeholders such as nearby schools, local authorities, media, energy and environment companies, NGOs and parents will be achieved by different activities like having regular meetings, visits, interviews, applying questionnaires and inviting/involving them to the acts in schools. To make the outcomes reach more people, virtual platforms will be used effectively and all kind of documents will be easily reachable and downloadable for third parties. To sum up, BaPN is a project covering lots of social, educational and environmental matters to study on with the aim of ; *making people aware of environmental problems and solution. * encourage people and make them capable to take action as a truly social and responsible persons on social matters *integrating social and real matters to school curriculum by applying new methodologies To make the benefits last longer, the cooperation between partner schools will continue on eTwinning platform and the results will be shared in Erasmus+ Project results sharing, school gateway and other virtual platforms.
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