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Stop being couch potatoes! Developing social and entrepreneurial skills for Neets
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA204-046335
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:148831 €
Sumár projektu:The principal goal of the project entitled „Stop being couch potatoes! Developing social and entrepreneurial skills for NEETs” is to create international cooperation to develop intellectual outputs and earn practical experiences during pilot studies. Our aim is to work on adequate learning methods, in partner countries, how to develop social and entrepreneurial skills for adults named NEETs. The project duration: 01-10-2018 - 30-09.2020. In the report published by Eurofund in 23 september 2015 it was estimated that in associated countries in the European Union live about 14 million persons at the age of 15 – 29 that are not in employment, education or training (NEETs). (source: Young people on the labour market – silesian voivodeship at the background of Poland and other UE countries, Katowice, april 2016). Young people classified as NEET – people, who for different reasons, simultaneously are neither in employment, education nor training (NEETs). The fundamental feature of that category is the lack of commitment in two social lives for example: fields such as education and work. The main target group of our project are NEET young adults, within our project this classification comprises people aged between 18 and 35 who are not employed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, and not seeking work. The project will be carried out transnationally in order to share practical experiences and find out the best solutions in learning methods in the field of social and entrepreneurial skills dedicated to NEETs. Project outputs -Good practice guide – analyses/research The project will develop innovative practices relating to existing curricula in the field of social and entrepreneurial skills. This work package comprises the preliminary activities necessary to develop new curricula in social and entrepreneurial skills; - On-line collaborative platform The main objective of this work package is to facilitate the modernization and improvement of teaching methods and will enable the communication through social media. Innovative IT tool where NEETs and trainers will be able to learn and teach and co-create content of courses; - Scenarios for local workshops; - Toolkit for trainers and trainees. The handbook for trainers and practical manual for NEETs will be innovative because it concentrates on the development of social and entrepreneurial skills through very easy and comprehensive way dedicated to NEETs; - CV video - an innovative tool. The project intends to develop skills and competences in order to be active in the society and to find a job in the future. CV video is proposed as a method of work to develop people such aspects as creativity, initiative, teamwork, understanding of risk, sense of responsibility; - Video “success story” - mediator; -Creation of webinars. Project activities focus on analysis and research, the organisation of local workshops for NEETs and trainers, the creation of IT tools (on-line collaborative platfrom, cv-video, the movie youth mediator, webinars), the organisation of international partner meetings. The project will enable a better knowledge of NEETs realities in Europe in order to raise awareness of EU authorities to always invest into projects that support NEETs and their education or labour integration. As the inactivity and unemployment of young people is a European wide phenomenon, the project with its results and intellectual outputs should benefit not only partner organisations and their national countries, but also a European and international arena.
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