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Historical treasures of Europe
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA229-046306
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:132720 €
Sumár projektu:Project „Historical treasures of Europe" is designed for students aged 12-15 years. This project is concentrated on the history of Europe. History of each European country is always the part of its cultural heritage. Historical buildings, castles, palaces, monuments and also heroes, monarchs, legends and traditions are the great treasure of each country. It is important for young people, pupils and students to know history of homeland and of other European countries, this time of all partnership countries. In this project students will get to know the history of Europe in various attractive and interesting way. We will work especially on 5 main topics: Historical events, Sights, Monarchs, Heroes, Traditions. Besides these main topics we will talk about Christmas, Easter, spring traditions, festivals, crafts,...We will search information in internet, talk with our grandparents, visit museums, organize excursions in our regions and countries, we will organize some festivals and traditions at schools, we will show each other folk costumes, songs and dances. Students create e-book of all topics - History of European countries - something like summary from all presentations - famous historical events in each country. Then we create the tourist guidebook - Historical treasures of Europe - about all significant and famous historical places, castles, sights in each European partnership country. It will be the result of excursions but also presentations about sights of each country. Talking about heroes we make a book of fairy tales - Heroes and Legends of Europe - together. In the topic - traditions - we will know traditional or folk costumes, dances, songs, we will talk about life in the past, we visit some natural museums. We will organize at least 1 tradition or festival at our schools such as Carnival, Morena in Slovakia, Easter traditions, ...Also crafts from the past typical for each country can be something interesting for students so we will talk about them, we will try them in some farms or museums or we can organize crafts exhibitions at schools.The Calendar will be another international outcome of our cooperation. In this Calendar we will find all famous and significant historical events and sights of all partnership European countries. Short - term exchanges of pupils - international meetings are very importnat part of this project, because here students will present their outcomes from local activities and all presentations and films created for the meeting. Then students will work together in workshops creating collages of student´s artworks to each topic. Children will make artworks to all topics before meetings and then we will exchange them by post or personally in international meetings. We will create international collages in host schools and at each school after meetings. This is atractive way how students can know the history in Europe. What more each school will organize 1 History lesson using different innovative and interactive methods and programs and all participants will take part in this lesson actively. We will take part in 1 - 2 excursions in each partnership country. In Lithuania and Slovakia we will organize international program, in which students will show their view on the History in drama, songs, dances, music, pantomime. During meetings we will create all international results - e- book, guide book, the Calendar, book about legends, DVD. But not only personal meetings but also virtual mobilities will be important part of this project because we would like many students have chance to cooperate and work together also online. We will talk, sing and dance together. All our results from local and international activities will be published on project website and school website. We will work also in Twinspace of our eTwinnig project with the same title to organize here various online contests, quizzes and questionnares or we will chat here and write our opinions and view. We´d like to achieve more objectives in our project. This project supports students in education not only History, but also English and another partnership languages, improves computer skills of students, supports their healthy self-confidence, strengthen their national awareness and broaden the vision of European cultural heritage. Pupils will learn to work in an international team and respect the cultures and lifestyles in other European countries. They will understand what the European identity means and will know the importance of the inter-cultural education for them and their future.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola s materskou skolou Viliama Zaborskeho Levicka 737 Vrable