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Číslo projektu:2018-1-SK01-KA229-046362
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:129790 €
Sumár projektu:For the development of science and technology, basic science should be given particular importance to teaching mathematics. According to the cause-and-effect relationship, we will contribute to the basic measure of "reducing 15% of the failure rate in 15 years of age groups in the areas of reading, mathematics and science" in the Council Declaration of Consequences of the European strategy plan 2010-2020. The low success our students have achieved in school and national exams in mathematics and geometry lessons has led us to this project. With our project we deal with mathematics-geometry and interdisciplinary approach with ICT, we will expose the students to more situmulants. We aim to produce solutions to the problems of common schools and increase success in math-geometry teaching. Our primary goal is to educate individuals who have learned responsibility, who learn by exploring knowledge, have developed analytical thinking skills, developed mathematical-geometry and causal relationships in ICT, developed language skills, adopted European cultures, and are social and confident. With the Geogebra worksheets that will be produced throughout the project, which can be used by each student and teacher, the success achieved in academic / national exams in the region as well as in the project schools will be increased. "Geogebra" dynamic mathematics geometry program will be used to realize our project. Activities will be held both in the lectures and in the computer laboratories. For this we will continue the project activities in the mathematics-information club. Mathematics and ICT teachers will work together. In the project writing period, the mathematics curriculum of each country was compared with the partners, and it was determined in which subjects the Geogebra worksheets were to be prepared. Geogebra worksheets will be prepared according to the constructivist approach, students will discover the knowledge. With the directives in the worksheets, teachers and students in the region will be able to apply the activities easily. Each Geogebra workheet produced will correspond to a learning outcome. At the end of the project, the worksheets and gains that are produced will be put together to form the Geogebra module which will be the concrete output of the project. Outputs will be shared on GeoGebra institutes, EBA and project web pages. The project addresses students aged 14-18. Four students will attend each activity. The following criteria were chosen for the selection of the students to attend the events; -Taking high marks in mathematics-geometry and English exam - Having the ability to represent -Having positive teacher opinions. -Not to have received disciplinary action. Mathematics and ICT teachers will participate in the LTT activities. The following criteria were chosen in the selection of teachers; Ability to present mathematics, geometry and programming presentation on foreign language -Mathematics, geometry and programming knowledge -Geogebra program available Having experience of running an international project Definition of activities During the project, 6 mobility will be arranged. At the beginning and at the end of the project, two short-term joint staff training events will be held to provide implementation cooperation, produce geogebra worksheets, distribute responsibilities and report. Four short-term exchanges of groups of pupils will be carried out throughout the project. It will provide students with mathematical and geometric proofs and deep learning about topics. After signing the contract, information presentation about Erasmus + programs will be made to other schools in the region. After each LTT activity, the relevant teachers in the region will work on the workshop. The acquired knowledge, experience and produced Geogebra worksheets will be made dissemination. Visits will be made to the authorities in the region and a presentation will be made with the project results. Geogebra module will be created with the project and made interactive and shared on the web environment, the achievements will be brought together to create a limited curriculum and the academic failure in the project schools and the region will be reduced. Predicted impact International project execution capacity will increase Students will have pre-programming knowledge Their language proficiency will increase and they will adopt European cultures It will enable the individual to organize his / her learning activity individually or in groups, including effective time and knowledge management Potential long-term effects Mathematics-geometry in school and in the region will increase in success Globalization of institutions will be ensured With this international project, participants will develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. We aim to reach 3000 people with activities to be done and dissemination activities.
Koordinátor:Stredna priemyselna skola Povazska Bystrica
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