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Číslo projektu:2018-1-TR01-KA229-059913_6
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:106928 €
Sumár projektu:At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, a project commission was established under the leadership of the school principal to apply for and benefit from Erasmus+ projects. it has been decided that applying for this project will prevent school absenteeism and prevent school dropouts, motivate students and teachers in the process of learning and teaching, and will have a direct impact on academic achievement. It will be possible to realize the transfer of knowledge , change of good practices, different motivation methods, new education and teaching techniques by utilizing this opportunity. catching the targets of the Project ,the success of it and the continuation of our work will be possible with the grant of 106.928.000 Euro from the European Union We are 6 partners from Italy,Spain, netherlands, Poland, slovakia and Turkey. Each stakeholders are experienced in Erasmus or other EU projects. There will not be students mobility , There will be Learnin Teaching Training activities during 2 years Project. According to the report of OECD, Turkey is the lowest third country education participation rate. Turkey took first place in the ranking with 55% slice in school absenteeism. In OECD countries this rate is only 14%. Percentage of students attending education in the age group 15-19 is 69% in turkey. This rate is 84% in OECD countries. 7% of the 69% goes out of education with for various According to the 2013 final report of the European Union, school dropout rate in Turkey is 39,6%, 24,9% in Spain, 12,7% in other European countries. It is also known that absenteeism is a pioneer of early school leaving. In our region some of our students discontinue school because of various reasons. One of the reason is the need for labor in agriculture due to the fact that it is a large agricultural area. Children are seen as low-cost and labor-intensive individuals in agricultural activities. Another reason is educational level of parents is low. The interest of parents for education is low. Some of the families are from low level of life. Children have negative taboos from previous generations. In other words,the absence of highly successful and educated people in their surroundings pushes them to farming. In this context, this project is planned to share and implement good practices and innovative approaches about situations affecting school dropouts across Europe to increase motivation ,participation in school and school activities in 2 years period. We aim to reduce the rate of early school leaving by 4% at each partner schools with the goals and targets we have set. Within 2 years period from project start date ; - To ensure that the best practice is taken and disseminated for those who are at risk of leaving school at an early age. In this context; - Participating and observing the classes of partner countries to share teaching experience to identify the most effective one. - Organizing seminars by each partner country related to the main issues affecting school dropouts. - To ensure that students especially at the risk of leaving school, parents and school staff attend in the seminars. - To prepare the best practice guidelines - To ensure that all partners of this project receive and implement at least one innovative direction of the most effective practice. - To ensure that all the activities are evaluated during 2 years period. - To see the changes there will be pre-test and pro-test implemented to students and parents - To ensure that all project outputs are accessible for free from the project web page. - To ensure the continuity of project results and applications webpage will be open for years. - To ensure Project to be known in wider public , the Project implementations , results ,impact and success of the project will be published on local presses with the link of Project webpage. - there will be other dissemination activities like posters , brochures , radio programme (in spain), good practice guides, e-twinning.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola, Hlavna 5, Druzstevna pri Hornade
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