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We are all human-beings
Číslo projektu:2018-1-TR01-KA229-059928_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:139190 €
Sumár projektu:The primary purpose of education is not only to develop knowledge, skills, competences and attitudes and to embed fundamental values, but also to help young people to become active, responsible, open-minded members of society [...] to impart common fundamental values and to prevent and combat racism and intolerance” (Decl.of Paris,03/15)Five densely motivated high schools from Europe gathered to help to raise respectful,tolerant, open minded, peaceful, thoughtful,elagant, responsible,helpful,and sensitive students. After the Syrian war, millions of people left their homeland and began a journey. During this hourney, they have had many difficulties.Unfortunately some of them couldn't complete this journey. Now, some refugees have homes with low standart for living, some live in the camps, some in commune centres. They try to survive. However, most of them are really having great troubles, even the settled ones. Because they don't have a job or earn much money. Most of them aim to immigrate to Europe. Europe has had many immigrants before the Syrians as well. But with the Syrians, xenephobia , Islamaphobia, hatred speeches increased in Europe. Even in Turkey, although refugees are generally Muslims, the attitude of people towards them is not pleasing mostly. Refugee crisis seems to cause a change in the attribute to immigrants in European countries. A questionnaire led us to this project. The questionnaire showed that our students, who are 14-18 years old, have an egocentric attitude towards other people around them and in the world. The owners of future growing up with prejudices against others(foreigners,refugees,immigrants),may bring new radicilization problems with. With the project we will run, we aim to; increase the awareness to the problems, and life conditions of refugees react against Islamophobia and Xenephobia break prejudices among students from partner countries let our students an international workshop chance improve our students' communication, language, and intercultural skills help our students grow as people with social responsibilities realize the cultural richness of their own country and Europe practice to respect and accept people improve our students' attitude towards other people Our project will involve two kind of activties; project tasks, and Learning/Teaching/Training activities(LTT). Local activities will try to include more students to the project. Our activities like Traditional Sports Day, Traditional Costumes days will help to show the cultural richness of countries, and these activities will help to institution soul of the schools. Students will be promoted to work actively for the project in all steps. Their contrubiton of our students and teachers for dissemination is very important for us. They will be free to propose new activities. For LTT s , each school will be represented by 5 students and 2 accompanying teachers. All the students will be invited to LTT s , and they will be chosen according to the criteria we have specified. The methodology of our project involves : Choosing students for the Human Values Club as they will actively participate in the project Organizing some local activities at schools to promote a more friendly school atmosphere Dissemination (online,printed meterials,school boards etc) to create an awareness about the topics of the project, and to increase the affect of the project Studying and searching for the LTT topics and sharing these on schools Taking part in LTTs, seeing the differences,exchanging good practices Sharing good practices gained within the school Assesing the project's achievement Each LTT will have general topics and a special topic to be discussed. Countries' Practices for refugees, Integration of immigrants to education etc are some of general topics. Special topics; Spain : Legal Rights of refugees Italy : Islamophobia Slovakia : Wars-Immigration Romania : Women and Children in the refugee crisis Turkey : Illegal Practices Refugees are exposed to Meeting our students in LTT s , letting them learn from each other, and participating students from host partner to some activities like exhibitions will change their opinions about foreigners. Creating an awareness to hard life conditions of refugees, and increasing emphaty and symphaty for them is a major concren for us. With LTT s, we believe our students will see that to be tolerant, socially responsible,courteus,compassionate,earnest and humble is not related to the nationality. Anyone of any nations can have these virtues and vice versa. Taking part in this project will give our schools a chance to improve their capacities to work internationally. It can be the first step of future projects with the partners. The other teachers may like to begin new projects. As the students will be aware of the oppurtunites of EU, they will be directed to search for Erasmus oppurtunities in their higher educations. The schools will improve its energy and synergy.
Koordinátor:Stredna odborna skola elektrotechnicka, Sibirska 1, Trnava