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Training Firms boost your success
Číslo projektu:2019-1-AT01-KA229-051548_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:23892 €
Sumár projektu:Training firms are a new strategy and a promising strategy to prepare our students for labor market in school. Every country has specific and individualized ways of using this tool. As it is relatively new it is ready to be optimized and used to its full capabilities. So with this project, we boost the educational system of training firms and we also boost our students. By sharing best practice teachers will be inspired and supported to level up. Students will level up by doing business with foreign training firm, organizing fairs, participating in these fairs, train others and being trained in other training firms. This intense relationship between students in different international training firms will make international business more visible, clear and understandable. Students will be more engaged, more active, more interested in doing tasks and more innovative. The more virtual companies get alive and personal, the better the outputs and the highest benefits of this system can be achieved. So in this Erasmus Project, there are just schools running training firms, so we can really focus on the specific topic. The partners are from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovakia. The results we will produce: * training companies' websites will be available in at least two languages * catalogs for each training companies will be available in at least two languages, so they fit properly for international business * fairs will be organized at each hosting school * fair stands. each training company is going to participate with a fair stand. * videos of each meeting * leaning videos will be produced to train the newcomers in the company, so they are taught how a task is done correctly * photobook covering the whole project As all participating teachers are teaching in training firms, they can use their experience in the following years of teaching. They will be inspired and aware of all the advantages and enriching opportunities this training firm concept is opening doors. So they will increase their level of teaching and all students in the following years will benefit from this project experiences. So we reach our final objective to prepare our students best for working life. They should be best trained for the labor market.
Koordinátor:Obchodná akadémia, Mládežnícka 158/5, Sereď