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Listen and Respect
Číslo projektu:2019-1-CZ01-KA229-061164_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:27846 €
Sumár projektu:"Listen and Respect" is a project whose key belief is the conviction that future starts today and that our pupils will soon have to face the relevant matters of everyday life. Thank to this project pupils will realize that they can actively participate in the life of school and local community and that their initiative really matters. The coordinating Czech school is the Regional Consulting Centre for School Parliaments that can help other schools to establish a school parliament. By establishing school parliaments and taking active part in them pupils will develop democratic attitude and the skill of decision-making in the school environment. One of the most expected impact of the project is improvement of already existing parliaments in project partner schools. Questionnaires will be conducted concerning school parliaments at the beginning and at the end of the project to analyze the results, draw conclusions and apply them into schools' schedules for the next year. Supporting materials will be created to facilitate efficient parliament work and will become a part of the school files. All the material will be available on the schools´ websites for teachers and pupils to use. Establishment or improvement of functioning of schools´ parliaments and their active role in the school life will result in a long-term impact upon the schools´ climate and upon the process of implementing and strengthening of democratic principles. The oportunity to involve a partner with children with special needs is going to be a great chalenge for the School Exchange Partnership. All partners truly believe that, eventhough, in the present time, children with special needs attend schools on regular basis, participating in a project with such a school will raise awareness of children with disabilities and supports the belief that every child's right should be heard. Also, thanks to organizing and participating in charity events the pupils will develop empathy and willingness to help the ones in need. We also emphasize the link between today's education and future professional success. The workshops organized within this project will improve the children’s financial access and financial literacy and give them an opportunity to use the newly gained knowledge in practice when organizing various events such as school trip, a team building trip and others.The unique possibility of collaborating with the parliaments of partner foreign schools will give the pupils a sense of unity and importance. Our partnership consists of four elementary and one secondary schools from different counries such as the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Italy. Also, an important part of our project is not only to explore other countries and their distinctive characteristisc, but to introduce children with local issues within their own countries. Most of all, we wish all the activities planned during this project would be not only educational but also enjoyable with many positive benefits. In conclusion, we believe that our project provides our children with a unique and memorable opportunity to make lifelong friendships while visiting other countries, communicating in English and working with children of the similar age with different abilities in different parts of Europe. Especially, we wish to develop or instill beliefs and values that we are able to make a change and positively contribute to global issues. Moreover,by participating in an international project we aim to show the pupils that education is not limited only to the textbooks and testing but can be a joyous experience shared with the pupils of other nationalities; that working together on the common goal enhances motivation and creativity, which are the key features in effective learning. As a further matter, we would like our pupils to exchange emails and maintain contact online to support long-term learning about other cultures and improving their language skills. They will share with their parents and friends the experience of travelling around Europe, which will expand their horizons and help to reject stereotypes. Project results (e.g. books, films, digital brochures, handmade books, presentations) will be used as teaching/learning resources by the teaching staff. We will supply Erasmus+ Corner with the best products of the project for everyone to remember and learn about this unique cooperation of children from the European countries and to motivate students and teachers to take part in similar projects in the future.
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