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Poznejme společně kulturní dědictví nejen ve své zemi
Číslo projektu:2019-1-CZ01-KA229-061444_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:24800 €
Sumár projektu:Many common historical events have happened to our nations living in Europe. An introduction of compulsory education by Maria Theresa who ruled the country where all our three nations lived was very important . In addition, our languages come from the Slavonic origin. After the period of separating we are in the period of converging the countries thanks to the European Union. With this project we want to show the young generation, which is educated in our partner schools, ways to get together and work on common projects in the future. This will not only help the Czechs, the Slovaks and the Croatians but the other nations in the European Union as well. With the project we want to broaden the knowledge if our mother tongues, exchanging our competences and building new partnerships. The main objective of this mobility project is sharing the best methods in education by short-term joint staff training events and short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. The main object is divided into smaller objects. Participants: - 36 pupils of lower secondary education, who will exchange their strategies and methods in language skills, cultural awareness, ICT skills, development of creativity, - 18 teachers, who will exchange and improve their competences in subjects: mother tongue and literature, citizenship, history, geography, ICT. During the project period there are three short term mobilities for pupils and three short term education activities for teachers. According to the duration of the project, wide range of activities and a number of participants varied forms of methodologies will be used. By the project implementation we expect that: Teachers will: - improve their professional competences, - develop more effective ways of educating pupils, - broaden their knowledge in education methods and current trends, therefore be more innovative, - broaden their knowledge about foreign countries and their culture, - get a chance to evaluate their teaching skills, - get the motivation for further work. Pupils will: - realize the importance of the language skills, - realize the importance of the foreign languages, - build their self-esteem, - experience different types of education, - become aware of themselves as participants of the European nations, - improve their basic competences (language, social, cultural, artistic, digital), - develop their creativity, - learn to respect the values and culture of other countries, - develop ability to cooperate and act assertively and respect values such as equality, self-esteem and motivation, - raise awareness of multicultural values and rights, - learn about history, culture, traditions and customs in participant countries. Impact on the participants: - improvement if professional competencies and learning new and innovative ways in education, - improvement of language skills, - developing awareness of values and culture of other countries, - improvement of project-based learning skills, - raising self-esteem, - higher motivation of participants, - broadening of cultural awareness, language skills, development of creativity. Impact on the participant institutions: - employees with higher self-esteem and improved professional, language and project-based learning skills, - modernization of education, using new innovative and creative methods, - more successful pupils in educational competitions, - higher value of the institution, - gaining new contacts and friendships. Improvement of skills and competences of the pupils, the teachers and the school management are the long terms assets of the project.
Koordinátor:Základná škola Jozefa Horáka
Banská Štiavnica