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Invasores e invasiones. Patrimonio compartido y Oportunidades de futuro
Číslo projektu:2019-1-ES01-KA229-063903_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:27570 €
Sumár projektu:This Project is based on problems that have recently arisen with the arrival of immigrants to different European countries , among them the members of the association with whom we want to set up this Project. Three countries of this new association were involved in a former association in which we worked on the peaceful resolution of conflicts through the analysis of the world wars and conflicts that have specifically taken place in our countries , and how it is possible to avoid or resolve them in a peaceful way. Project objectives 1.The knowledge of European history through the study of the different invasions undergone or led by the members of this association 2.Analysis of the problems and the conflicts which have been generated by cultural, economic or racial diversity. 3.To learn about physical heritage and the legacy inherited from these movements of the European populations. 4.To know the cultural diversity of Europe and the possibilities among its populations 5.To value the physical and cultural heritage built through more than 20 centuries of co-existent history 6.To promote the skills of visual arts among students by building models of the most significant monuments inherited after the invasions 7.To increase creativity among students based on the study, performance and recreation of tales and legends connected with European invasions through theatre. 8.To know and appreciate the linguistic richness inherited from cultural diversity; words and expressions that come from invading countries. 9.To know and learn other European languages and appreciate their similarities and differences. The languages involved in this study are English, French and Spanish, which are taught as second languages in the countries involved in this association. 10.To promote harmony and solidarity among the countries, appreciating how the movements of population were and continue to be a wealth of richness and culture The main idea is to involve 20 students from each country.These students can be chosen out of different clases if the educational system allows this option , or just members of the same class if it is compulsory in the system of the country. There will be 6 exchanges, with 6 different topics. 1.The history of the invasions in each country: .- The groups will have to study the different invasions undergone in their area, country and the invasions their countries headed and the countries they invaded.All this information should be presented in presentation to be shared with their classmates in the other countries. .- During the Exchange, the different groups will have to present their investigations and results and most importantly to produce a document with the connections between their invasions and their partners ´invasions. 2.The languages and the invasions: Vocabulary and expressions left by invaders and the invasions. .- The elaboration of a a dictionary with vocabulary and expressions left by invaders in our current language. .- Study of dialects or different current languages that come from invaders. It could be a descriptive presentation of the resulting languages. Strenghts,opportunities and problems of the diversity of languages or dialects in a country. 3.Tales and legends about invasions: tale telling. .- Investigation of tales and legends in each of the countries involved.The group will choose one of them .Then with the methodology of using key words and sentences ,and images connected with the story , retell it again. c.In multinational groups,students will have to choose one of the tales shared which will be performed in the way the group chooses: Shadow theatre, live performance,musical show etc…In this case, a student of the country whose tale has been appointed the winner will act as the scene manager. 4.Monumental heritage from invasions .-Investigation and description of 5 representative monuments .-Elaboration of a model with the description of one of the historical buildings chosen. .-During the Exchanges, together with the presentations,There will be a display of the 5 models, if transportion allows it ,and the transportable panels. 5.Cultural heritage a.Investigation about traditions, economy,music,dance and any other cultural legacy derived from the invasions. b.Preparation of a performance for the Exchange period c.The host country will prepare a performance, song or dance to be played/interpreted by everyone 6.Melting pot: Diversity, Immigration and Tolerance.Connection with our days.The new “invasions”. The coming of immigrants to our countries .Investigation into racial diversity, religious and country of origin data. b.Immigration: c. The task during the Exchange will consist in presenting the information elaborated by each group and organize a Panel of experts among the students that synthesize all the conclusions of the project :Those Weaknessess, strengths and opportunities which are offered by our globalized world (SWOT Matrix).
Koordinátor:Gymnázium F. G. Lorcu