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STEAM: Surfing the European Artistic Monuments
Číslo projektu:2019-1-ES01-KA229-064008_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:23715 €
Sumár projektu:"STEAM: Surfing The European Artistic Monuments" Erasmus+ project resonates with the European Year of Cultural Heritage and it's slogan "Our heritage: where the past meets the future" , being based on the UNESCO cultural heritage of the six European partner countries involved. Through the activities planned for this project we would like to offer our students the possibility to learn more about the local, regional, national and European history, culture and environment as well as to give both, teachers and students. the opportunity to know and use more modern methodologies. We will combine the knowledge they gained from subjects like: History, History of Culture, Geography, Biology, Natural Sciences, Foreign Languages, Informatics/ICT, Language and Literature, Art, Music, Religion and European Studies, with technological tools like: web 2.0 tools, educational platforms and educational apps, in order to provide a valuable learning environment, socially active classrooms, group work and collaborative learning activities, interactive and digital lessons. We would like to facilitate our students the opportunity to meet and interact personally/face-to-face with their European colleagues, to work together in international groups, to search for more information about the tangible and intangible culture and natural heritage of the partner countries on site, through learning, teaching, training activities. In this way they will benefit more from the learning process by Experiential Learning through concrete experiences, observation and reflection or active experimentation and by Sensory Stimulation Learning through the use of their five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). Thereby, we will help our students to create a linkage between virtual learning and real experiences, conducive to a more attractive learning process. By taking in the project, our students will have a complete understanding of the cultural heritage, of the similarities and differences among nations and would feel more attracted to the learning process. The objectives of our project: O1: to foster our pupils’ interest in the cultural heritage of the partner countries involved by guiding them to collaborate, investigate, reflect on and share their research, during the duration of the project and to become more aware of European values; O2: to acquire and develop digital skills and competences by turning the information gathered during each learning activity into digital material, using technological tools like: web 2.0 tools, wikies, educational platforms and educational apps; O3: to make students active participants of the teaching-learning process by using more active methodologies such as PBL, CLIL... In this way we believe learning with be meaningful and significant for them. The six partners involved in the project are all public schools that provide general education: 1. Ocejón School, Guadajara, Spain. 2. Leikskólinn Bjartahlíð, Reykjavík , Iceland. 3. Arsakeio Gymnasium Patras, Greece. 4. Suadiye Ortaokulu, Suadiye – Kartepe, Turkey. 5. Istituto Comprensivo San Rocco Faenza, Faenza, Italy. 6. Zakladna skola, Stanicna 13, Kosice, Slovakia. Six learning/teaching/training activities will be organized during the 24 months of the project, as follows: C1- Short-term joint staff training events.Turkey, October 2019. C2 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. Spain. April 2020. C3 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. Italy. September 2020. C4 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. Greece. February 2021. C5 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. Slovakia. May 2021. C6- Short-term joint staff training events. Iceland. September 2021. Apart from these transnational activities, other activities will be carried out during the lenght of the project, some of them will be held online, on TwinSpace: creating presentations, creating and voting the logo, creating the e-books and the interactive lessons, etc. We intend to use further on the materials created during the development of our project (e-books, videos, presentations, cultural heritage themed games, cross-curricular IWB lessons etc.) and integrate them in the school curriculum. We also intend to post them on the website of the project, disseminate them and distribute them for free to other interested schools. We will keep the project website operational even after the end of the project, for as long as possible. The materials created will be also available at each partner's school library for anyone interested.
Koordinátor:Základná škola, Staničná 13, Košice