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Sustainability in Nature and Education: Natural Parks and Biological Areas
Číslo projektu:2019-1-ES01-KA229-064105_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:29160 €
Sumár projektu:On the basis of the meeting that the whole school community had at the end of the last course, we agreed that we should improve every basic competence in our students, but our main goal through this project is to get good relationships in our students and an actual social inclusion, as well improving their social and civic social competence and avoid the early school leaving. We thought about how we could make a real and effective tool to improve on these points, and Erasmus+ came quick to our minds. Our school has participated in two Erasmus+ KA2 projects as partner, when we could get some solutions and ideas useful for our problems. In this project, in the training event held in Pettenbach, Austria, we had the chance to see how they managed problems like ours making collaborative and integrative activities in a National Park close to their town. Unfortunately, that project was focused on Logic Games, so we couldn’t learn about those ideas and activities as much we wanted. So, we decided to put everything together in our own Erasmus+ project, with the Austrian school as one of our partners. The aim of this project is to get an effective feedback between both, education and nature, taking care of nature and getting good habits and exchanging good practices through the development of the project. It will be implemented at three different levels. First, in a nearby area. Second, at a local or regional scale. Every school involved in the project will be close to at least one National or Natural Park, a remarkable and well known area that will be inspiring for us. We will enjoy and get good habits in this area, and we will have the commitment of improving it and helping with its sustainability. Third, at an European scale. In this project we will know the natural heritage available in the EU. This project is developed by six schools from: Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and France, all of them aware of having problems like ours, and complementing each other in several aspects. It involves students from 13 to 16 years old, especially those in danger of social exclusion and prone to school drop-out. Around 20 of them in each school will be joining the short-term exchanges of pupils. This priority is not only our main target, but also one of the national and European priorities nowadays, among with the development of the key competences. Two teachers from each school will join the short-term students exchanges as accompanying teachers, from those willing to enhance their English and digital skills and to implement the activities of the project as regular practices in their teaching plans. Very briefly, the objectives we expect to get by this project are: Obj. 1: taking care of our natural heritage. Obj. 2: involving students with special needs and prone to school dropout as much as we can Obj. 3: the development of good practices in our educative style. Obj. 4: getting familiar with all kinds of biological areas that we can find in the EU. Obj. 5: enhancing students and teachers’ English language and digital skills. The activities of this project will focus on the creation and development of a sustainability plan by each partner school to get the engagement and collaborative work in our students that we aim, coordinating actions and sharing, mostly via eTwinning and with the learning, teaching, training activities as milestones where students and teachers will be able to see the others’ actions and learn about them. Among with these activities, we will make up products like a project logotype, a digital booklet with the measures undertaken by each school for its sustainability plan, a digital map-database consisting in a map with every Natural/National Park from the six countries, the project website, a survey about the growing impact of tourism on our biological areas, eco friendly proposals for responsible trips by our local communities, and the public area of the project TwinSpace. To engage students, we will combine open door and project based methodology, with a coordinated work via the linked eTwinning project to share resources and ideas. This project is expected to have a great impact at several levels. First, in the schools participating in the project, especially in their teaching plans. Second, in the teachers in charge of the different tasks that this project involves, and the teachers travelling and making job shadowing. Third, In the students. One of the main goals pursued by this project, if not the most important, is to engage students endangered of social exclusion and prone to school drop-out, so, if we achieve this in some degree via this project, it’s difficult to think of a bigger impact. Finally, the products done through the project are expected to be quality products interesting for all kind of people, especially for other teachers from other schools. All these benefits are expected to be sustainable, actually the eTwinning project will go on active, getting richer.
Koordinátor:Základná škola sv. Jozefa