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Growing Responsible - Empower Europe Now
Číslo projektu:2019-1-FR01-KA229-062210_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:27544 €
Sumár projektu:One of the clichés is to consider that pupils’ school life is often disconnected from the “real life” they will live when they are adults. Our project is trying to fight against this stereotype : it offers the opportunity for the students from each partner school to face the reality of professional life, with the creation of a small business project. The project “G.R.E.E.N.” (for “Growing Responsible - Empower Europe Now”) will allow our pupils to be in front of concrete situations from the professional world and to face them : they will have to reactivate the skills they learn at school and use them to resolve the problems due to the reality of looking for a job, creating a business, organizing life in a company. Goals : - Fight against early school leaving, giving sense to what pupils learn and preparing them to go into working life - Expand business culture at school - Raise students’ awareness to a European citizenship, including a reflexion about sustainable development - Increase pupils’ skills in English. Participants : - Direct participants : 20 pupils (13-15 years old) young entrepreneurs per school, that’s to say 80 pupils in total. There will be about 3 teachers per school (as consultants) - External partners : the association “Junior Achievement”, professionals from the world of companies, companies that pupils will visit during the mobilities. - Indirect participants : customers of the small business, public of disseminating actions. There will also be the other pupils from the concerned schools, because of some workshops that will be done in the classroom (vocabulary of jobs, participation in the challenge “I film the job I like”, European cultures in geography). The number of indirect participants is estimated around 1200. Educational method : Pupils will be faced to the different steps of the creation and the life of a company : - brainstorming to find a product - Administrative aspects : writing the statuses of the company, mailing, and so on - Looking for funding, keeping the books - Arguments and votes to take the important decisions - Putting in common some ideas to build a marketing strategy - Conception of communication tools with different supports - Participation to shows in order to promote the business project - Taking care of sustainable development and social economy and solidarity - Citizenship minding in order to choose a foundation or an association to make a donation of the sales profits. Results : Pupils will have built a small business project by themselves and achieve it during two years. Concretely, there will be : - The “book of the company” - The pride of being able to make a donation to a foundation or an association thanks to the sales profits. Impacts on pupils : - Professional experience certified by a publicly accepted association - Improvement of their self-image and ability to speak in public, including in English - Raising pupils’ awareness for sustainable development and social economy and solidarity - Increasing pupils’ skills in English and opening their minds to allow them to think about professional mobility in the future. Impacts on schools : - Enhancing business culture in the partner schools ; changing the image of companies at school - Presenting a positive image of each of our schools, including international opening - Generating the wish to create new European partnerships with Erasmus + Longer term benefits : - For students : they will have seen the richness of belonging to the European Community regarding to their professional and citizenship life. They will involve themselves more easily in studying foreign languages, they won’t hesitate to follow some mobility strategies in the working world, and they will involve themselves in business projects. - For teachers : they will have faced an innovating project and they will be able to change their minds about how to teach and about the place of business in society - For other schools : the association “Junior Achievement” will have gained a great experience about larger projects than local ones. They will be able to give some advice to other schools who wish to involve themselves in similar projects.
Koordinátor:Katolícka spojená škola sv. Vincenta de Paul, Saratovská 87, Levice