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Légy Biztonságban Ma
Číslo projektu:2019-1-HU01-KA229-060891_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:28128 €
Sumár projektu:Safety and protection. Children are vulnerable in a world which they have limited knowledge of. They know neither its system, nor its rules. All the more so in the case of special needs children, who find it harder to understand the signs of the world that encompasses them. Attention deficit, concentration problems, and the cognitive developmental delays make it harder for them to recognise rules and to comply with them. It makes things even more difficult that they often come from a family with multiple disadvantages, which means that they do not recieve any kind of proper guidance from the family environment, which leads to a clear dependence on their part. The pupils of the partner schools are mostly special needs children with multiple disadvantages. The core of their social integration is education, which aims to stop them from becoming the victims of their surroundings. The objective of the project is to teach these children road traffic safety and the correct, safe usage of the internet. In order to achieve that, the project improves their learning abilities and cognitive skills. With a playful approach during developmental exercises, the children will learn about the meanings of traffic signs, types of vehicles, the signs of vehicles designed for a specific usage, their hotline numbers, and the job of their crew. They will learn the correct traffic morale and the rules that they should consistently abide by during their independent living. They will learn the proper usage of IT devices, the advantages of social media, and how to avoid becoming victims of con men. The teachers will recieve short-term tranings, while four special education schools from abroad will take part in the partnership. The Hungarian Pécsi Éltes EGYMI special school will present and teach their methods within the framework of animal assisted therapeutic sessions and classes that aim to encourage a higher standard of road safety amongst SN children. The Slovakian special school (Špeciálna základná škola, Speciális Alapiskola) seeks to develop a proper traffic morale amongst the children with the help of the school’s drama group—through performances and follow-up group sessions. Furthermore, in their well equiped workshops, they will educate the teachers of the partner schools on how to do mockups of traffic vehicles and roads. The Slovenian bilingual special school (DOS II Lendava) aims to support traffic safety with the help of story yoga. Through the meditative world of yoga, while listening to stories, the SN children will move along with the music as a fun and interactive way of learning about traffic rules, behavioural norms and all the needed knowledge that will ensure their independent mobility. Last but not least, the teacher of the partnership will have the chance to learn the teaching methods of a special school in Transylvania (Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Sfintu Gheorghe). Following performances, conversations, ice-breaking activities, class visits, workshops, debates and games, the children will learn the basics of safe internet surfing, and to ask for help from their peers, parents, or teachers. They will learn about the dangers of uploading personal data - such as their passwords, phone number, or even pictures - onto social media platforms. This safe method of using the internet will help SN children to learn how to properly communicate in the cyberspace and to realize that the use of online platforms could have several dangerous consequences. They will learn how to handle their own personal data and that of their family’s, and to successfully filter the content that reaches them through the internet. The best practices offered by the partner schools will help the participating teachers to inform children about traffic and internet safety - with the incorporation of a wide array of new methods. With the incorporation of these new methods, the teachers will be able to improve professionnally, and to form more personal relationships with the pupils and their parents. The adaptation of new methods will be made possible by team work, which will lead the way to creative cooperation inside the schools. The “Be Safe Today” (BEST) project provides a great opportunity for Hungarian language special schools from across the border to get to know each other’s work, all the while enhancing amongst themselves the need for preserving the Hungarian language and culture.
Koordinátor:Špeciálna Základná škola, Specialis Alapiškola Kráľovský Chlmec
Kráľovský Chlmec