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Social Media to Promote Education Besides Fun
Číslo projektu:2019-1-IT02-KA229-062130_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:22695 €
Sumár projektu:Educational scientists have been trying to develop new techniques, methods, and material since the very beginning of teaching and training as formally and informally for students. The methods and techniques have started to change as student-oriented that is compatible with students' needs in the last 10 years from teacher oriented. While the times have been changing along with the technology, even the fun methods and techniques away from ICT have started to fade away both amongst the students and teachers. We as 5 partner countries (Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, France, Czechia) active in the field of secondary education decided to develop the social media tools that we already use and get better results by cooperation and sharing our knowledge and skills with this Project, SMPE- Social Media to Promote Education besides fun. We all are secondary schools that have students aged between 14-19. The reason why we all are secondary schools is that our students’ motivation level towards the lessons as Literature and Foreign Language is lower because they are mostly concentrated on the subjects just needed for academic success. But, for those lessons such as Maths and Science etc., they only focus on solving tests and do not deal with the content. We would like to rescue them from a test solving system. That's why we decided to reorganize these lessons by cooperating and developing new ways to spice up our lessons and raise our students’ motivation, knowledge and skills level. Another reason why we want to run this project is to raise the knowledge and skills of our teachers that have to be compatible with the new generation. As we all know, to stay away from social media and its tools is not much possible if you are living in a modern environment and these tools have already started to integrate into all our lives including almost every field of life from private life to work, economy and politics. The new generation also loves to spend their time on these platforms and that's why we decided to use these tools to raise the motivation and knowledge level of our students with the tools that they already love to use every moment of their lives. In this project, we organized 3 students ltt activity and 2 staff ltt activity and home activities to address our needs. In our LTTAs, there will be concrete outcomes such as a social media e-guide regarding how to integrate popular social media tools into our lessons after the 1st LTTA an e-list describing the classes with or without social media tools after the 2nd LTTA a guide about How to become a true e-reader on Digital literacy after the 3rd LTTA a ''safe use of social media e-guide'' for their peers after the 4th LTTA a handy e-book for all teachers and local or International authorıties that can be used to strengthen their professions or can be used as source material for many surveys after the 5th LTTA With this project we aim to get these results: 1) Increase our student's motivation level so that to address their underachievement in lessons. 2) Strengthen the Professional skills of teachers 3) Improve the profile of our teachers by letting them have a chance to work on new educational tools. 4) Enhance the educational service that our schools provide for their students. 5) Change the bad image of social media and show people that these tools can be turned into a very practical and fun educational tool if we learn how to use and integrate them into classes. Thanks to SMPE, we aim to raise students' motivation towards the lessons. We as all partner schools have a shared problem about raising students’ motivation towards the basic competencies that our students usually have less motivation regarding Maths, Literature, Foreign Language, and other school subjects. Our students think that they do not need these lessons and because of the workload, they have. We want to improve the basic skills and key competencies of our students regarding these lessons by using social media tools in a fun way during the lessons and improve their basic school subject skills that they need at least as much as vocational knowledge and skills. Besides, by developing and sharing the ways of using social media for classes, we will also strengthen the profile of our teachers. They will learn from each other how to use different social media tools during lessons and improve their teaching techniques. Our motto is " The More Motivated, The More Successful", "The Newer, The More Interesting". SMPE will be a Project not only for the participant schools but also for the whole World because the outcomes of it will be able to be used as main sources and samples for any teacher from any part of the World. The reasons for writing this Project are the same all over the World and in many countries, there are too many acts to stop students using their phones at school while trying to use ICT more and more in classes. SMPE will help lots of us to find a true way to solve this climax and get success.
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