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Inside out
Číslo projektu:2019-1-NL01-KA229-060290_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:24855 €
Sumár projektu:Inside out – it means you live among people who can help you, and also there are a lot of people who are waiting for your help. We are a project team from six European countries. The project is an answer to our students’ and teachers’ needs. Schools can offer balance and an island of safety in a situation of continuous change either in the life of specific families or with pushing breaks in the fast changing world. Most changes arrive to schools and their curricula some 10 years later than into enterpreneurial world. In crisis and migration situations schools offer rutine that is essential for safety, and support staff, like SEN teachers, psychologists and teachers. Main aims of the project are: increasing participants’ knowledge about other countries and cultures, developing social and intercultural competences, increasing competences in ICT and foreign languages. To get the project aims in all partners’ organisations, we will introduce inclusive education by promoting equity and inclusion and reducing disparities in learning. We are going to introduce activities addressing culture diversity, actions involving students with disadvantaged backgrounds(social and economic obstacles) and children of immigrants. The methods and techniques of working in the project are interesting and innovative for students and for teachers. The work in the project is provided through integrated approaches and is incorporated into partners’ school programme, according to the project plan. The target group consists of disadvantaged learners and these teachers who want to develop their personal and professional possibility. Doing the project and creating outcomes, participants will increase their competences, motivation and satisfaction in school work. The total number of students involved in the project is 1600. We are also planning besides the student exchanges two events to provide management trainings and exchange of good practices in the field of teaching and learning using innovative methods and techniques. Also, teachers will practice English and gather materials needed to effective implementation and dissemination. As the result, partners are going to create and publish common products: - a guide for teachers containing methods of teaching social and intercultural competences especially useful for teachers and educators when number of international classes in many European countries is highly increasing nowadays. - an English workbook “English in Action” to teach students vocabulary and communication using activating and innovative methods. Moreover, we will create and publish: - a project logo and a Etwinningsite, - a project exhibition, a common presentation about culture influences in partners’ countries, - an educational Scrach game, - a mini 6 European language dictionary, - a project performance “One Europe”, - an outdoor parade promoting culture diversity. - educational materials created in English. - a COUNTRY´S DAY - students prepare a presentation about their national day, the importance, history, traditions - followed by workshop -to make drawings, handmade objects connected to the national day, - A COUNTRY BOX - a plastic box filled with things like pictures or photos, maps, cultural objects, animals, flags, stamps and anything else that is typical of a particular project country Digital outputs: - students will make videos to briefly introduce themselves/their school/country; - students will make short videos during the project meetings and while doing activities. These videos will then be edited and made into one long video which will be used as a tool for assessment as a final product, - students will make an e-magazine in the end of each LTTA, We believe, that the project will have positive impact at local, regional, national and international level because the topic is interesting for many other students and teachers. We expect that in total 2000 persons will be involved in the project: 6 partnerscshools incl students, teachers and parents. Besides that: local goverment, other schools, etc.. The products are valuable especially when we observe the process of great migration of people and schools should be prepared to the new situation to work in multicultural and multinational classes. We realize, that intercultural education is an imprtant topic in our present and future world. So we want to prepare students for their new future. We must remember that the democratic way of life engages the creative process of seeking ways to extend and expand the values of democracy. This process, however, is not simply an anticipatory conversation about just anything. Rather, it is directed toward intelligent and reflective consideration of problems, events, and issues that arise in the course of our collective lives.
Koordinátor:Základná škola A. Sládkoviča