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Full STEAM ahead!
Číslo projektu:2019-1-PL01-KA229-065022_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:27132 €
Sumár projektu:Global economy is currently fuelled by rapid development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM fields have experienced continuous growth since the 1990s, and jobs in STEM are expected to grow around 20% in the next decade. However, one of the biggest obstacles to this process is the lack of employees with STEM skills. According to the European Commission, one of the solutions would be to tap into largely unrealised potential of women in this area. In the EU only 24 out of 1000 female graduates come from ICT—related studies, and women constitute just 13% of all graduates of ICT subjects. To address both of these problems – lack of employees with STEM skills, as well as gender inequality in this area, we came up with the project Full STEAM Ahead! It is directed at secondary school students (particularly girls) as well as teachers (especially STEAM teachers) from partner organizations in 6 countries: Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Finland, Estonia and Spain. The project aims at combating the gender inequality gap existing in the field of STEM and promoting STEAM (STEM and Arts for a full and integrated approach) education among students. The project’s objectives are: increasing motivation of students, particularly females, to study STEAM subjects; fighting stereotypes regarding female role in STEAM world; raising awareness of STEAM studies as career opportunities; improving knowledge and capacity in STEAM area, implementing more active, hands-on methods while teaching STEAM; making STEAM teaching and learning fun and exciting; strengthening the profile of teachers by exposing them to innovative teaching and motivating methods. We also want to make our students aware of their European cultural heritage through familiarizing them with famous scientists (particularly women), whose discoveries and historical achievements constitute the basis of modern science and development. We are planning 1 LTT event for teachers only, STEAM Guides, to help them become well-versed in teaching STEAM subjects, show them how to motivate and inspire their students. There will also be 5 LTT events for students: 1) S (Science) - Science Explorers! - activity focusing on Science, including workshops and seminars for students on real-life science applications and experiments (e.g. building photovoltaic systems out of solar cells, molecular cuisine, physics challenges etc.). 2) T (Technology) – Code Breakers! - focusing on Technology, particularly ICT, covering elements of „Introduction to Coding/Programming/App Development” with seminars and workshops focused on coding, programming and app development led by professional experts from ICT area (Learn2code). 3) E (Engineering) – Future Engineers! – LTT event focusing on Engineering and Robotics. Participants will practice creating engineering projects, such as building real-life devices. They will also take part in Robotics workshops. 4) A (Digital Art) – Digital Artists! – mobility during which students will focus on the Arts and Creativity. They will work in mixed groups, scripting a story, acting it and filming and finally editing it using software like Photoshop Pro and Adobe Premiere. They will also design and edit graphics and take part in 3D printing workshops. 5) M (Maths) – Inspired Mathematicians! – LTT event during which students will develop a new approach to Maths by studying Thales´ circle, Archimedes´ principle or even Pythagorean Theorem with creative, engaging methods like case studies, experiments, field trips. Apart from seminars and workshops, we are planning to introduce students to important female scientists, tech professionals and artists, both past and current, from each partner country, to serve as inspiration, motivation and role models for young people. There will also be STEAM-oriented trips during and between LTT events to technical schools and universities and various Science and Research facilities. STEAM participants will conduct STEAM lessons for their peers. Partner schools will organise STEAM Days to promote STEAM education and disseminate the project and its outputs among local communities. Virtual mobilities for students and teachers will take place around each LTT event to give project participants a richer, more extensive experience and prolong their involvement. Tangible results of the project will be: multimedia materials (instructional videos, slideshows, guides, presentations etc.), STEAM-oriented lesson plans that will be added to school curricula, multimedia newsletters that will include tangible outputs, LTT activity descriptions, photos, etc. The project website and STEAM Clubs will be created in participating schools to implement and disseminate project activities and results. The intangible results will be: increased knowledge and skills of students and teachers in STEAM areas, changed attitude of students, particularly girls, towards STEAM subjects, increased interest and motivation to learn and study them.
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