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Od Barteru do Bitcoina - Handel Kołem się Toczy
Číslo projektu:2019-1-PL01-KA229-065794_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:30238 €
Sumár projektu:The project "From Barter to Bitcoin - Trade Repeats Itself" was written with concern for students to facilitate their choice of further education, help to believe in themselves and, in the long-term result, to become attractive on the labor market. In all partner countries the vocational counseling system needs to be developed. The students are faced with difficulties in choosing a future profession. Some of them come from large, poor families and they get quite bad teaching results. We think that together we can do more because diversity will allow us to achieve our goals. We have two schools that are eTwinning schools (from Greece and Slovakia). The partner school from Spain is participating in such activities for the first time, but the school coordinator is the ambassador of the eTwinning program. The school from Bulgaria has extensive experience in implementing Erasmus + projects. Our school will be the coordinator of all activities and we will make sure that they are carried out at a high level. In this way, we will show students that it is worth learning, striving to achieve ambitious goals, and that choosing the next school and profession does not have to be difficult. We want pupils to manage their further education and become attractive on the labor market after the project is completed. Our activities will equip them with such skills and knowledge that they become conscious consumers, recipients of advertisements and threats lurking online and take care of their security on the Internet. They will get to know many professions from the practical side, they will know how to set up their own company and will use the acquired skills in the future. To achieve this we must first join forces and work together. The best results will be obtained when we support students in acquiring and improving basic skills and key competences, including mathematics and literacy skills. As the subject of the project is interdisciplinary, it will enable us to see the differences between the partner countries and find common elements. Each of us makes a purchase/sale transaction every day, so we want students to be able to make wise decisions related to them. Trade has always been present around people. Only the way of trading has changed, and because of globalization, the scope and possibilities. Our goal is to shape students' attitudes so that they do not give in to manipulation. Thanks to meetings devoted to mutual learning and teaching, they will have the opportunity to consolidate the locally acquired knowledge in a specific category. They will make friends, be open and tolerant, curious about the world and their own skills. Countries participating in the project have a very rich and diverse history related to trade. Students will broaden their horizons and learn about professions characteristic of partner countries. They will develop skills in using foreign languages. Some of them will participate in a foreign trip for the first time. We will involve approximately 450 students in project activities, including 20 with lower educational opportunities. 108 of them will participate in meetings related to mutual teaching. There will also be 40 mobilities of teachers. Our activities are divided into five main categories: getting to know the history of trade and trade routes, deepening the knowledge related to the exchange of goods and coins, the impact of trade on the development of our countries and at the end we will talk about old professions and move to online safety and future professions. We want to act locally and visit museums, craft guilds, places: cities connected with trade, Centres for Vocational Training and local entrepreneurs. We will take part in various workshops, learn about the professions and expand knowledge on school subjects, then meet and share the acquired knowledge and skills. Students for project guests will act as guides and in this way they will gain new experiences. The synergy of our activities will be achieved thanks to the implementation of the project on the eTwinning platform, where a school from the Czech Republic will join us. We will develop the following final outcomes: a project website, a blog, a lexicon of professions in 7 languages, a project e-Book, a 7-language trade dictionary, a map showing business cooperation, a a coin album with our coins, Europass - Curriculum vitae, e-Book with craftsmen’s guilds in our countries and a game about trade. Each country is responsible for certain results, which of course we are working on together. We want to introduce changes to the professional counseling we provide in our schools and extend it with the elements developed in the project. We will share final outcomes with others. We believe that project participants will become conscious consumers, will be attractive on the job market, will believe in themselves and will boldly pursue their dreams and carry out plans. In this way, we will create a common Europe.
Koordinátor:Základná škola, Wolkerova v Bardejove