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Healthy European Student
Číslo projektu:2019-1-SI01-KA229-060389_4
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:28942 €
Sumár projektu:The topic chosen for our project has been considered very carefully. Each country involved has confirmed its interest. We are concerned that our pupils, students, teachers and parents do not know much about other countries except some obsolete information mostly brought by media. Our aim is to wider our horizons, to arouse students’ interest in others and to get a deeper insight into common lives of our friends. We feel that this tackling of healthy lifestyle is a key issue that most of young adults face today. In addition to this, the coordinating school is located in the community which is according to the National institute for Health on the last place in the country. It lies in an area where you can feel the polluted influence of the factory Paloma and the impact of fertilizing fields in Austria. Young people in the town have no quality opportunities to spend their free time activities in the nature, because all the sports infrastructures and amenities are in surroundings of the school. Children spend too much time behind screens and are mostly physically non-active. all partner schools are familiar with such problems and is their primary concern to deal with physical and mental health of their students and teachers. All partner schools are also strongly active in their local environment with organizing several activities for their students as well as for the other citizens. With the project we would be able to gain priceless experience for all the partners and share vital examples of good practice among teenagers across Europe. In the vicinity of School Sladki Vrh there are few hiking paths but it would be more efficient to equip them with sign and notice boards where the visitors could be suggested doing different exercises with motivational phrases.The project plans to include in the school curriculum a Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle, during classes that elaborate on the coordinates necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is an interdisciplinary module/course combining Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education and Counseling. It can be used by Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education and Counseling teachers and can also be included in the Counseling curriculum. The project will be represented by 5 partner schools with different profiles of teachers who will participate in all activities. The Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle brings information and new examples of good practice concerning the healthy beneficial effects of physical activities, healthy nutrition, natural environment and mind development, which are key elements for health. The project introduces new concepts in schools: - a healthy life is a life in motion - a healthy life depends on healthy nutrition - a healthy life is an active natural life connected to natural resources of health - a healthy life relies on an open mind seeking perpetual progress The project continues the eco-friendly awareness promoted by the activities implemented with the previous project "Water for Life" that focused on the importance of clean water for the quality of life.
Koordinátor:Základná škola