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Číslo projektu:2019-1-SK01-KA102-060581
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:94728 €
Sumár projektu:The project The Adventure of Learning is an Erasmus+ mobility project for involving 50 students aged 17-19, learning different fields of Art and Design in 2 countries with 8 host institutions. The mobilities are planned for smaller groups of students (4-9) in different fields (such us Graphic Design, 3D Design an Modelling, Exterior Garden Design and Ceramics, Photo Design, Fashion Design, Puppet and Stage Design and Restoration Painting methods) from September 2019 till March 2020. Each group is going to take a 2 week long vocational education lead by professional lectors at the host institutions. We have carefully chosen the host institutions and vocational schools, which are highly professional and in many cases award winning organisations in national and international level. They are also experienced in further vocational education and have previous experiences with Erasmus student mobilities. The program of the mobility is carefully chosen and agreed on both sides. The results of the mobility will be various art and design works from the various, previously mentioned art and design fields, exhibited to the public in the host country as well as in Slovakia. Students, who will help to create puppets and stage design will have their artwork presented during a puppet performance abroad in 2019/2020.We plan also to have further work cooperation in the future and mutual exhibitions. By implementing this project we expect to improve education at our school on several levels. On individual level for students and also at the school education level. What concerns the students we believe they will improve in their activity and performance in the learning process, linguistic skills (not only English but also other EU languages as well), in personal and interpersonal soft skills. They will understand the importance of self-development, working individually and in team.They will definitely acquire new vocational skills and knowledge, meet and learn new cultural habits and countries. For a potential longer term benefit I would mention the increase of their value on the labour market and possible easier employability. They will understanding and knowledge about EU projects and the possibility to find possible work contacts. Some of our students will cooperate closely with their fellow students from the hosting vocational schools, which requires soft skills and also professional art skills. Hopefully it will lead also to a better quality of life and working life for our students in the future. At school level the mobility will definitely improve performance, motivation, creativity and discipline of our students, improve teacher-student relationship, increase attractiveness and status of our school in the local, national and international level. Definitely it will motivate teachers and students to active learning and teaching and furthermore create better personal relationships between the participants and improve cooperation between the school art departments. Working on the project already created stronger cooperation between the teachers and the project coordinator team. As a long term benefit it will help to create strategic partnerships with institutions on national and international level, bring up-to-date vocational educational teaching methods, activate and motivate the teachers and educational staff to be open and adapt to the requirements of the labour market. Being an art school it also gives us the opportunity to participate on professional international art and design exhibitions and competitions. Participating in Erasmus+ mobilities we would like to create an active and creative school, which is able to provide high professional education, and on the other side which is able to raise an active EU citizen, who lives according the democratic values, has high skills, moral standard and responsibility and to strengthen the cultural and spiritual heritage of the EU.
Koordinátor:Škola úžitkového výtvarníctva