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Flexible up-skilling pathways for professionals in the field of tourism
Číslo projektu:2019-1-SK01-KA204-060777
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:151510 €
Sumár projektu:Tourism is an economic activity capable of generating growth, regional development and employment in the EU. It constitutes the third largest economic activity in the EU, In 2018, the travel and tourism sector directly contributed 3,9% to EU GDP and employed 5,1%. In Europe, the sector supports 25 million jobs, directly or indirectly. The tourism sector is facing important challenges; it is becoming more complex and requires higher levels of skills and competences. Businesses and the workface need to adapt to new technologies, new market demands and changes in clients’ behaviour and expectations. Today, the competiveness of tourism very much relies on the skills and competences of its human capital. The situation is not different in Slovakia, where the tourism sector suffers from an acute shortage of skilled workforce, both in services and in promotion. It is precisely there where we see a great opportunity of involving the local communities and local authorities, and engage them in a project to increase their knowledge, skills and competences. The promotion of tourism and cultural heritage is one of the responsibilities of the municipalities, but this happens only in theory because workers don´t receive any systematic support to increase their potential, i.e. by receiving quality training responding to modern, digital skills, use of social media, etc. As a result, these workers enter in the vicious circle of becoming civil servants and “public tourist promoters” without an added value and gradually become low skilled workers. Low skilled understood from a broad perspective, because even if they have studies, their competence set does not match the needs of the current job market. And in case of job loss, these workers find it very hard to find an employment. Our project intends to involve precisely these individuals in new activities, train them how to use modern means of communication and digital tools useful for the development and sustainability of tourism in the region. The innovation element here lies in the networking capacities between private and public partnerships, the use of technology in education and training and their practical application in daily life. With the support of this project, local communities, municipalities but also professionals in the field of tourism or people interested in promoting tourism and cultural heritage would enhance their knowledge, skills and competences, share their knowledge with citizens and visitors in an attractive, dynamic and trendy way and therefore increase the potential of their territory. FlexiTour will promote flexible up-skilling pathways for professionals in the tourism sector with the aim to reduce the existent skills and competences gap. Our project will identify the skills needed to competitively tackle the demands of today´s consumers and provide our learners with an appealing & interactive training programme that will combine the use of technology with flexible learning environments. Our project aims: - To address the concrete needs of local communities, municipality workers, professionals interested in the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage - To enhance the skill set of professionals in the field of tourism to meet the needs of the labour market and remain employable in an increasingly digital workplace. - To promote the project outcomes and motivate local communities, municipalities, workers and wide population interested in promoting tourism to utilise the open education resources - To promote lifelong learning attitudes and the supply of high quality learning opportunities adapted their concrete needs Target group: local communities, municipalities, professionals in the tourist sector and people interested in promoting tourism and cultural heritage. The project will produce the following outcomes: IO1 – Skills and Competence profile of professionals in the field of tourism. Opportunities and challenges in local tourism development. IO2 – Design and development of the Course “Up-Skilling pathways for professionals in the field of tourism” containing three different modules: a) branding strategies for tourism promotion; b) entrepreneurial basics, c) sustainable tourism & promotion of cultural heritage. IO3 - E-learning platform with interactive resources The partnership is composed by five partners from four European countries: (SK) Cluster of Regional Development – applicant and network organisation (SK) parkPark enterprise, technological partner (ES) CESUR - VET provider, also offers course in the field of tourism (IT) Municipality of Catania – municipality with 600 workers (GR) IeD – Institute for Entrepreneurship Development – adult education provider The partnership also counts with an associated partner Micro-region 11 PLUS composed by 11 municipalities.
Koordinátor:Klaster regionálneho rozvoja