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Dokun, Hisset, Oynat, Öğret
Číslo projektu:2019-1-TR01-KA229-077719_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:18963 €
Sumár projektu:Within the scope of the 2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan, SWOT Analysis and research was conducted in our school. According to the results of the analysis and research in the Access to Education and Training theme Analiz More than one the lack of a course curriculum for students with disabilities and in class activities of individuals with autism The problematic area of TEACCH and ABA program Applications ve used emerged. In order to develop these problem areas, there was a need to realize this project. Moreover, as the number of disability types in the individual increases, In the total number of persons with disabilities it’s said to have shrunk. 11.75% of the disabled population has two types of obstacles, 2.52% have three types of obstacles, 0.61% of the four types of obstacles 0.21% have five types of obstacles. An individual has different rates than one or more of the hearing, vision, mind and orthopedic disabilities affected, as a result of the acquisition of information by influencing the use of auditory, visual, tactile channels can be limited in different proportions. The rates of inadequacy are different from each other since each student has a completely different and unique educational needs It stands out. This is a good curriculum that can meet the educational needs of these students and techniques are required. To address this need, he was designated as the project partner of the ise Special School for Visually Impaired Children Louise Braille in Bulgaria. Stereotypic behavior and self-destructive behaviors in students with multiple disabilities It’s seen. TEACCH and ABA to prevent damaging behavior in our students programs should be applied. To observe and learn these programs and applications Sukromna spojena skola in Slovakia was designated as project partner. In the project, our school is mentally challenged with non-mental games in Europe. Awareness, visual perception, attention, problem solving and social disability will contribute to the partners by organizing activities that will help the development of their skills. Project Executive Team, as a participant profile, teaching in our school in 9, 10, 11 and 12 grades14 to 23 years of age, mentally disabled, autism and students with multiple disabilitieswill be determined by teachers. While doing this determination, it was arranged for students; For studentsSocial and Communication Skills Evaluati all the data obtained from the participants will be evaluated and the participants will be determined on Form; and Participant Teacher Determination Form will be used. Educational games; TEACCH and ABA Programs applications; 2 short term joint staff training activity mobility will be realized. A total of 20 teachers will participate in these activities. Short-term student groups exchange activities within BulgariaEducational Practices in Turkey and the Individual; Brain Games Education Students with DisabilitiesApplications; with the participation of 32 students and 16 attendants from the partners It will be performed. To achieve the project's objectives for students with disabilities, teachers and schools the following activities will be carried out. 1.Studies on recognizing cultures 2.Innovation studies 3.Curriculum and training modernization studies 4.Cultural and historical site visits 5.European special training methodology seminar: 6.Training on dissemination of project results 7.Short-term joint staff training activities 8.Short-term student groups exchange activities 9.International cooperation development work 10. Brain Teaser Design Meeting As a result of these activities, the following concrete results will be obtained. -The curriculum content, methods and techniques applied to the education of double-disabled students guide book -Project logo, website, roll up banner, brochure, project flags, mug, puzzle, printed cloth bag, board pencil, sweatshirt and hats -Visual conversation cards created in the national languages of the participants and in English chart, mind games educational materials, cloth dolls, ceramic plates -Sustainable project results and processes in digital media (blog, website, eTwinning) documentation -Project corners, product exhibitions -Transnational study meetings -The project introduction and implementation meetings -Intelligence games competitions among disabled students and their teachers Project objectives and results directly affect the skills and competences of the project participants facilitate their social acceptance and adaptation to society. also selected destinations schools are new EU Council Conclusions with curriculum, educational methods and practices Education and Training the goal of 2020 is to increase the quality and efficiency of education and training.
Koordinátor:Súkromná spojená škola