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QUAlity Networks: fine-TUning Monitoring systems for better performances in VET
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA202-078249
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:244417 €
Sumár projektu:“Governance in VET is expected to move towards a shared system with the participation of the main stakeholders and implemented at national, regional, local, institutional and sector level. The involvement of social partners as well as stakeholders such as providers and VET learners in the development, implementation and governance of VET policies should be further strengthened”. (Opinion on THE FUTURE OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING POST 2020 – Advisory Committee on Vocational Training, 3 December 2018). With reference to this up-to-date VET system analysis and according to QUANTUM project partners’ experiences, this project proposal aims at improving the relevance and efficacy of VET provision with regard to labour market needs, by setting up and testing a new model for Quality Assurance based on Quality Networks approach. Quality Networks represent a tool for effective governance in VET, being territorial and/or cross-country networks of VET providers, enterprises, local authorities, social partners and other stakeholders, which adopt a common monitoring system based on feedback loops and graduate tracking arrangements. By exploiting the European Peer Review methodology for implementing EQAVET indicators, both in formal and non-formal training domains, they will have also the opportunity to building capacity of their members. QUANTUM partners have found that having a common understanding on QA mechanisms and tools isn’t sufficient to make all the VET stakeholders actively involved in enhancing the quality provision, highlighting specific needs: - reinforcing “peer review” approach among the various key actors intervening in VET design and delivery; - building an appropriate framework in which all the stakeholders can act a profitable cooperation, learning from each other, adopting and monitoring common quality indicators, planning further developments, following the EQAVET cycle at provider level. - capacity building of VET stakeholders on how to continuously activate feedback loops and graduate tracking measures. By achieving these objectives and by using a multi-actor approach, the proposal intends also to empower VET stakeholders and to favour the professional development of VET staff, teachers and trainers, letting them acquire awareness of their role in quality assurance systems and specific competences for peer assessment. The Consortium is composed by partners from IT, PT, SK, FI and BE, including VET providers and reference national networks, public authorities in charge of the VET systems, EU-wide networks representing the interest of VET providers and enlarging the QUANTUM countries coverage. It will contribute to improve VET provision by: - developing and testing a common monitoring system based on a set of performance indicators to facilitate the adoption of feedback loops and graduate tracking arrangements, among various stakeholders; - producing a more intelligent and comprehensive picture about VET key actors training needs in the field of quality assurance and networking; - defining of specific guidelines addressed to VET key actors explaining both how to set and implement territorial and cross-country networks of VET providers and other VET key actors, and how to define a common monitoring system based on feedback loops and graduate tracking arrangements, according to EQAVET indicators and European Peer review methodology; - design and piloting of new training curricula and plans addressed to VET professionals and organisations aimed at letting them learn about Quality Network approach, EQAVET indicators and the European Peer review methodology, so to allow the implementation and the evaluation of Quality Networks at regional/national level; - through the cooperation among partners and with the Stakeholders’ Committee, creation of a multi-stakeholder network aimed at improving the relevance and efficacy of VET provision with regard to labour market relevant qualifications and companies needs. By doing so, partners will produce the following results: O1– Guidelines for VET Quality Network setting up and implementation O2 –Capacity building for Quality Networks implementation and sustainability O3 – Report about implementation and impact evaluation of Quality Networks 4 x Multiplier Events, including a Final QUANTUM Conference (national and 2 x 3-day Transnational joint staff training with 32 participants (12+20) Multi-stakeholders communication and dissemination activities By implementing the activities, the project is going to set up networks to track the outcomes of the VET provision and the trajectories of graduates in the labour market through a bottom-up approach and according to EC policies and recommendations. In this way, the project will allow the adoption of an evidence-based methodology for policy-making and for re-planning the training provision
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