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Entrepreneurship Through Sport
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA202-078274
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:149222 €
Sumár projektu:ENTOS project is addressed to support the entrepreneurship objectives of the Education and Training2020 and Europe2020 strategies by providing sport teachers with an innovative and student-centred pedagocial approach addressed to develop Entrepreneurship Education through Sport activities. Sport education at school has not just a recreational dimension, but also an excellent opportunity to learn and practice skills, which can include the Entrepreneurial ones if enriched by ENTOS method, like Self-Confidence, Team-working, Problem-solving, Goal-orientation, Risk-taking, Time-management, Strategic Thinking, Communication, Leadership, ect. Sport plays a crucial role in fostering students’ attitudes and behaviours typical of adults’ daily-life, like planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating. Integrating Sport lessons with Entrepreneurship Education goals achieves a perfect cross-curricular approach: the traditional sport lessons of the national curricula will be simply enriched with Entrepreneurship Education tools and facilitation skills of teachers. ENTOS method doesn't need neither extra-school hours, nor extra economic resources. Therefore, ENTOS can be seen like any other In-Service Training that ensure a great impact, a long-term sustainability and an easy transferability in other European schools. An additional value is given by the possibility to propose ENTOS also as Initial-Training for University sport students, who can even acquire ECTS within their curricula. ENTOS strengths the professional profile of the teachers by providing them important tools for supporting Entrepreneurial Mind-Set creation in their students by using the innovative ENTOS method, that merges formal and no-formal method developed on the base of empirical data and the complementary know-how of project partners. ENTOS will endow sport teachers with the knowledge about the importance of the entrepreneurial skills for the current European society and to be aware about the need to develop them in their students. ENTOS method will be the result of the IOs outcomes carried out by the project partners, according to their own expertise and potentialities: IO1 -Sport Teachers’ Competences Framework, led by PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS IO2 -ENTOS Training Contents, led by MateraHub IO3 -ENTOS Evaluation System, led by InProgress IO4-Recommendation to adopt ENTOS Method, led by Obchodná akadémia Nitra The envisaged IMPACT represents also the SUSTAINABILITY of ENTOS, and will be on: PARTICIPANTS AND TARGET GROUP: EC promotes the Entrepreneurship Education of youngesters: people able to turn ideas into action thanks to the acquisition of specific Entrepreneurial skills, like creativity, innovation, sense of initiative, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage in order to achieve the set objectives. But for doing that in the school sector, it is fundamental first to create an Entrepreneurial Mindset in teachers, who are the main students' educators. Starting from them, the final impact on students is successful. Therefore, ENTOS has this double-value: creating Entrepreneurial Mindset and offering teachers concrete Entrepreneurial tools merged with Sport, that will benefit on their students. Both students' and sport teachers' learning outcomes will be assessed using a methodology based on some European instruments, like Key Competences, ECVET and EntreComp. The learning outcomes than, will be reported on the Europass CVs. That is valid for LTT's participants (20 sport teachers that will work together with 40 students -10 of them are students with fewer opportunities). but also for the future users. That will support the learing outcomes recognition all over Europe and enabling ENTOS to be easily recognized as an European Training experience. PARTICIPANTING ORGANIZATIONS: All the project partners will benefit of an innovative pedagogical approach that will be propose to a wider audience and with the aim to mainstream it all over Europe. Therefore, ENTOS can be immediately adopted generating easily future use in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts. That will be a great opportunity for the project partners also to increase their European dimension and network, especially connected with the VET system. Of course the main impact will be mainly registered in the VET schools (porject partners) because of their direct use of the method, and also on UTH, who will use and propose ENTOS as an Initial-Training for University sport students OTHER RELEVANT STAKEHOLDERS: Reaching other stakeholders will generate new implementation opportunities and cross-national cooperation among schools National strategies demonstrate the need of additional economic resources to implement any Entrepreneurship Education action, but is really very difficult to recover them in current times of economic crisis. The capability of ENTOS to be a perfect cross-curricular approach impacts the educational policy field, that will be very happy to adopt it.
Koordinátor:Obchodná akadémia Nitra