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Designing holistic and sustainable educational development to improve student learning
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA203-078299
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:186718 €
Sumár projektu:This project addresses the need for academics to become qualified university teachers so that they can effectively facilitate student learning. The project aims to prepare, test and evaluate a plan for making development of university teachers holistic and sustainable. This includes first preparing curricula of new educational development courses/workshops for university teachers, undergoing an international accreditation of the courses and piloting them with at least 50 doctoral students and beginner teachers from two universities. Second, we will design a plan for making student feedback continuously enhance quality of teaching and learning and test the plan with 40 or more courses in two participating universities. Third, we will undertake two scholarly studies: a study into the impact of the newly introduced ED initiatives and a study evaluating the effectiveness of mechanisms that support pedagogical conversations and informal learning among university teachers. Finally, under this project, we will design a plan for identifying, selecting and rewarding excellence in teaching and start implementing the plan within at least two participating organisations. Through providing a more integrated approach to staff development, we expect to prepare significantly more university teachers for new challenges of current times, including teaching large student groups, teaching online and helping students to become effective life-long learners. Teachers will be able to design courses so that they meet high-quality standards. They will also be able to use student-centred teaching methods and some of them will even be able to implement the "students as partners" approach. Teachers recognised for their excellence will lead and inspire further colleagues to come up with innovative classes. Most importantly, we assume to achieve a synergic effect when student feedback helps to enhance teaching, and good teaching feeds into enhanced motivation and increased student effort while learning. The project will thus create conditions for continuous enhancement of student learning experience and learning outcomes.
Koordinátor:Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave