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Upgrade with Learner-centred Approach
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA203-078306
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:349061 €
Sumár projektu:Context and background We take a holistic approach in which we work will all levels of training in synergy. We begin with the development of teachers´competences and their self-management and leadership. We design the guidelines for primary schools that choose the transformation in the Learner-Centred Approach (LCA), where we follow Gabriela Lojová´s 7 key principles of LCA - active learning, content (relevant knowledge), cognitive + affective domains, approach to learners (acceptance, encouragement), positive learning atmosphere, teacher´s role and learners´role. This project is build on three key interconnected frameworks: implementing the LCA in line wit the model of excellence based on the EFQM model and the HA´S Learn&Lead self-management and development idea developed in a number of Erasmus+ projects. These perfectly fit the developmental project focused on quality assurance led by FECU and other projects of the partners. The main objectives of the project are: - to increase the quality of University education through the implementation of the learner-centred approach, - developing excellent schools based on the EFQM model of excellence, - developing the Learn&Lead functional self-management and development pathway of a teacher within the school environment. Description of activities We create the LCA Trainer Development Framework, LCA self-assessment sheet, LCA Guidelines for Primary schools, curricula of three study subjects called „The learner-centred approach 1B, 2B and 1M, a curriculum of a study subject called „Self-management Learn&Lead“ for student-teachers in their final year of the Master´s study, two curricula for LLL innovative programmes for in-service teachers „Application of the LCA for Teachers“ and „Teacher Self-management and development – Learn&Lead“, train in-service teachers and managers in the „Learner-centred approach “ and "Learn&Lead Self-management", managers in all types of schools and Universities in the developing excellent schools based on the EFQM model, LCA teacher-trainers who will work with the trained teachers in their schools and countries and organize two LCA International Conferences. Number and profile of participants This project is formed by 9 partners, coming from 5 different countries. This project is unique in its consortium of partners - two Universities, four primary schools, a private school, a teachers´a association and a non-govermental organisation. We will include from project partnership, in-service teacher-managers, pre-service and in-service teachers. Overall, we will involve 326 direct participants in the training activities and organized international conferences and expect about 500 LCA self-assessments carried out at our new website by teachers in the partner countries. We also expect to train 120 pre-service teachers studying at the new study subjects and 30 in-service teachers at the new LLL innovative programmes developed in this project. Methodology ULCA project applies mixed approach from data collection and analyses, desk research, as well as focused group discussions within project partnership. There is directly connected order of all training activities and IOs, from tools for teachers and principals/managers to creating new curricula, conference organisation, publish the conference preceeding, creation of newsletters of the project, creation and preparation of the website, creation of the LCA Teacher Competence Framework and a LCA self-assessment sheet, train LCA teacher-trainers, create LCA model schools and a LCA University students practice schools and network of LCA schools and training institutions. Results and impact envisaged With competence building (knowledge, skills and attitude) of a teacher within partner Universities and primary schools we upgrade and harmonize at the same time the pedagogical processes currently applied. Implementing the LCA in line with the model of excellence based on the EFQM and the Learn&Lead self-management idea, both the teacher and principals/managers in the schools will be equipped with the necessary tools to upgrade their teaching and managerial processes. Longer term benefits will be newly accredited study subjects in English, Slovak and Lithuanian (taught at Universities) in the area of LCA and self-development/management at Bachelor, Master and LLL level. Dissemination activities will be undertaken through project website, blog, newsletter, social media and international conferences reaching to education professionals at primary level, academics and also wider public. FECU can play a significant role in establishing a unique network of all types of schools and teachers currently operating in the market. This network is based on the cooperation, support and further development all teachers, managers and their schools following the learner-centred approach as their key pedagogical philosophy.
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