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Inovácia štruktúry a obsahového zamerania študijných programov profilujúcich potravinárske študijné odbory s ohľadom na digitalizáciu výučby
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA203-078333
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:208402 €
Sumár projektu:The implementation of the project will significantly improve the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as the professional level of the teachers of the universities involved in the project. The project goals are: a) create quality electronic teaching materials with innovative content for food study programs, b) create common modules of lectures and workshops of reputable experts on specific topics of food quality and safety, c) apply informatization and digitization in the food industry as a tool for improving the quality of education, (d) enhance the quality, integrity and efficiency of postgraduate education, (e) increase the professional potential of university teachers and their teaching and didactic skills. In addition to the applicant, three other universities are involved in the project. Project investigators have been cooperating on a long-term basis and contribute significantly to the education and training of food professionals in their countries. The profile of the project participants fully corresponds to the established project objectives. The project solves three key activities. KA1 Improving the quality of undergraduate education, KA2 Improving the quality of postgraduate education, KA3 Improving the quality of education of university teachers. The activities cover the needs of improving the quality of education and guarantee the fulfilment of project objectives. Project methodology includes elements of analysis, creativity, innovation, comparison, application and implementation of new knowledge, approaches, methods, forms and technologies. It connects students, teachers, universities, practice and countries so that the results of the project benefit each partner. The project outputs will be: a) innovated joint e-learning materials for undergraduate and postgraduate education, b) innovated joint lectures and workshops of teachers, c) innovated curricula of postgraduate education, c) joint conferences and workshops for postgraduate students, d) joint seminars, professional and scientific events for undergraduate, postgraduate students, teachers and food practitioners. The project results will be both tangible and intangible. The project outputs will be electronic publications, lectures, methodologies, methodological procedures, concepts and technologies. The obtained results will have a long-term contribution to improving quality and education in the area of food quality and safety. At the same time, the project will also set criteria for innovation of educational content in the areas: a) implementation of EU legislation, b) implementation of environmental and climate change impacts, c) implementation of innovation and food reformulation, d) implementation of information and digitalisation elements. The results of the project will allow in the next period: a) targeted development of study programs, b) extension of cooperation and its forms, c) improvement of undergraduate and postgraduate content of education d) continuous improvement of teacher training, e) continuous cooperation of partners in form of courses, workshops, seminars and conferences.
Koordinátor:Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre