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Emocionálna inteligencia ako sociálna podpora pri zvládaní stresu v osobnom aj pracovnom živote u dospelých
Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA204-078380
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:43409 €
Sumár projektu:In modern society, one of the main aspects of success besides professional qualification is emotional intelligence. For management positions, it is considered one of the most important competences. In the interaction between colleagues but also with subordinates, the use of other abilities is necessary in addition to intellect, such as controlling your own emotions, using emotions in interacting with the environment, being able to realize the current frame of mind, being able to percip and effectively process the experience of your colleagues, but also to motivate yourself. If we define emotional intelligence as an ability then it would be possible to stimulate its individual areas, which create it. It means, that through its development it is possible to raise satisfaction, but also career growth. All of us have certain biological predispositions, which affect for example our emotional memory, possibly even the ability to take on the perspective of another person, which to a large extent determines the selection of future profession or integration into society. It does not mean that the structure of the brain can be totally changed through the program, but it can eliminate the differences between individuals to some extent. Even people with biological predispositions for the development of emotional intelligence can use the program we have conceived because they very often have individual competencies in extreme values, which limits their lives. Based on practical knowledge, it often happens that people with one of the above competencies do not work with other areas, which results in failure in work and private life. Individuals who focus on working with the individual components of emotional intelligence have a more positive outlook on their own life, we can consider them more resistant to stress, depression, and more contact in society. The goal of our project is not only to acquaint partner organizations with what the EI is but at the same time to provide a direct activity that will ensure the increase of the EI of the participants. All partner organizations that we have chosen work with adults or with whole families with the goal of their integration into society and increasing the level of their education. The participants of our project are adults, who continue to work with adults. Within our project, we will apply different methods to map and extend EI - evaluation sheets, diagnostic aids, tests, training activities, etc. We assume that through the impact of our activities and the direct involvement of partner countries, we will be able to enrich the activities with aspects of a cultural, social, and historical nature. The outcome will be an increase in the emotional intelligence of the participants, but also those who interact with them because we acquire intelligence through social learning. The long-term benefit is exactly the improvement of the quality of life and at the same time the increase of tolerance and openness to new experiences in the population.
Koordinátor:Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave