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Číslo projektu:2020-1-SK01-KA227-SCH-094430
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:235852 €
Sumár projektu:The 4‌ ‌‌ŽIVLY project is focused on the field of education, specifically environmental education presented in a non-traditional form, as informal interactive theatre education (with the active participation of spectators) and through environmental activities also carried out in an online application. The theatre experience will be heightened by various informal educational activities to develop the ideas and the problems which the play deals with. In the current social situation, we see the need to bring environmental issues closer to young people in as many varied ways as possible. The current pandemic has both forced us and inspired us to use a digital platform serving schools online in all three involved countries, as part of innovative educational methods alongside the chosen contact form of interactive theatre. Six partner organisations from 4 different areas are involved in the project (theatre, event organiser, environmental enthusiasts and programmers).
Koordinátor:Divadelné centrum