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Nursing experience in England and in Czech republic
Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA102-000066
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:42617 €
Sumár projektu:This project is written for the students of the Secondary Nursing school in Rožňava. The students are specialized in two branches: masseurs and general nurse. Both specializations are practising in the city hospital but the equipment is old fashioned, broken down or they do not have the access to it. The objective of our project is, that we would like to update our students with new methods of health care, modernize their knowledge and give them a quality experience abroad. One of the main aims is also the strenghtening of their foreign language, what will make them more attractive in their job search. With this project we would like to higher the quality of their education, qualification and language abilities. The teachers who we would like to send is for the new experience and updating the their teaching methods, modernise their views and strenghten language abilities. The teachers will higher the quality of education, the school will be more open to foreign students who will be able to study in English in our school. We would like to send on mobility 22 students, 3 teachers and 1 accompanying person. The 22 students are devided in two specializations: masseur and general nurse. The masseur students will be in their graduation year. They are practising in the city hospital on the physiotherapeutic ward, which is very small and does not have a modern equipment. The students in the school are theoretically learning new ways of physiotherapy, but they do not have a chance to practise it, because of the lack of equipment. The general nurses are in their post-gradual studies they are also practising in the city hospital. For their futher knowledge and practise development we would like them to experience a new working environment the new and modern techniques of nursing and patient care. Some of our students who will be chosen for this project are from a socially challenged environment, so without EU financial support they will not have the opportunity to experience a new working environment and will not have a chance to develop themselves in the studied field. In this project we deal with 2 activities: 1st activity is VET learners in vocational institutions, what we have devided in three flows. - The first flow of students we intend to send to England the masseur group - in a profesional training in a health care institution in Portsmouth England. The students will participate also in an English language course. - The second flow of students of general nursing we would like to send to the Czech republic for a 2 weeks workplacement, where they will be acquainted with the new methods and processes of the biological material sampling system. - The third flow of general nursing students will be sent to Portsmouth, England for a professional visit and a language course in the lenght of two weeks. 2nd activity is a staff training mobility, for three teachers of health care, who will go for a profesional visit to Portsmouth, England. They will update their knowledge and gain some new experiences in the health care system in England. They will also attend an English language course. The project methodology is based on the cooperation of the project partners. The clear devision of the roles and responsibilities in the project activities. The sending organisation secures the participants of the project, the informative seminars, the financial issues, the preparation of the contracts with the participants and project partners. We also deal with the travel and insurance arrangement. The partners will be responsible for the workplacements, accomodation and food, local transport, English language course and the certificates. The results and impact of the mobility: One of the most important results will be the experience of our students in working abroad, living a new lifestyle, experiencing new modern ways of health care and last but not at least the foreign language usage. With these experiences we can help and support our students in having higher quality in the education, giving them wider opportunity in finding a good job. They can experience the real working environment. The teachers participating to this mobility will gain new and modern experiences in health care, which they can implement in their lessons, and provide modernized teaching methods. The English language course will help them to refresh their knowledge and communicate in English actively. It will open the school gates to students from abroad, where they will have the opportunity to study in English, what will higher the atractivity of our school and its quality too. The longer term benefits of the project are the higher quality of the education process, the atractivity of the school in the region and in the national level. The education process will be opened for foreign students because the language barrier will be cancelled.
Koordinátor:Stredná zdravotnícka škola - Egészségügyi Középiskola
Brno , Czech Republic
IBD Solutions Limited
Portsmouth, United Kingdom