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Číslo projektu:2014-1-SK01-KA202-000495
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:291380 €
Sumár projektu:Project is addressing concrete need specified as lack of vocationally-orientated modern teaching and learning materials in the vocational electrician schools in Slovakia (and also in the Czech Republic). Therefore, we expect project results to directly contribute to fulfilling this gap at VET Slovak and Czech schools, in the specific field of electrician and other related professions. In the project we have 8 partners (5 VET electrician schools, CfME CZ, ATT UK and Kouvola College in Finland). ATT Training from UK will bring their expertise on blended learning and provide the consortium with 1000 learning object (pictures, animations, videos etc.). Vocational school from Finland will bring the knowledge about the state-of-the-art vocational language education in Scandinavia. CfME SK as well as CfME CZ has great experience in eLearning development as well as vocational language content development (projects Volant, ALT, InterCar, Enter SK, HAIR etc.) in both – paper and electronic versions. CfME has long term experience with teacher training (more then 20 courses accredited by Ministry of Education). CfME SK as a consortium leader has great experience in project management including Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project management. Slovak and Czech schools will focus mostly on testing and a real usage of the developed materials. They will also have important role in methodology and dissemination. The interest of schools in the project (5 partner + 15 Letters of Support = 1/3 of all electrician schools in SK + we expect additional schools from CR) shows a real and urgent need. Currently, the electrician content oriented language teaching materials are very limited in Slovakia. Most of the schools use only “home-made” materials. Because of this teachers tend to practice only general English not related to the future student profession. As far as we know there are no online interactive language learning materials online which would be used by electrician schools in Slovakia (and the Czech Republic). During the project following education materials will be developed: 1. 600 e-Learning interactive screens of electrician vocational English and German (grades 1-3) 2. Teachers´ instruction manual for LMS and e-learning modules usage 3. Vocational electrician language teachers´ textbook in English and German, grades 1, 2, and 3 4. Vocational electrician language students´ textbook / exercise book in English and German, grades 1, 2, and 3 5. Vocational multilanguage picture and sound-based online dictionary for electricians 6. 1000 electrician learning screens – pictures, 2D, 3D animations and videos as a base for other project outputs We will integrate following language teaching / learning principals: - CLIL - Content Language Integrated Learning - full interactivity (both – in online as well as paper based versions) - individual work as well as group activities like role playing, interviews etc. - usage and combination of broad spectrum of different teaching tools and methods - differentiation, acceptance of difference student learning styles as well as levels, learning speed etc. - internet solutions (anywhere, anytime) - motivation for further learning and personal development - native speaker voice-over and videos in combination with further interactive methods - immediate feedback and individual monitoring of personal development Interactive learning screens will bring new level of quality into language vocational studies, which was unknown to students and teachers using only textbooks and exercise books. Teachers will have enough high quality materials to be able to differentiate their approach to students as well as to use different methods reflecting different learning styles of students. Combination of individual online home work with group work during the lessons with be adapted into the methodology and teaching materials. Immediate feedback is essential for language skills development. The next day feedback (for example for homework) is simply too late. Monitoring of personal development helps the student to concentrate on his/her real needs. It also helps teacher to monitor and evaluate student work. All materials will be systematically tested at all development stages by partner schools. By the project end, we expect the increase of vocational foreign language skills and ICT competencies of the minimum of 500 students participating in testing period by using the LMS and eLearning. In 3 year after the project end we expect at least 2500 students taking courses based on the developed materials.
Koordinátor:Centre for Modern Education (SK)
Partneri:Stredna odborna skola elektrotechnicka
Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia
Stredna odborna skola, Sturova 1388/23 A, Dubnica nad Vahom
Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia
Stredni skola - Centrum odborne pripravy technicke Kromeriz
Kroměříž, Czech Republic
Sukromna stredna odborna skola
Bratislava, Slovakia
Kouvolan kaupunki (City of Kouvola)
Kouvola, Finland
Stredna odbora skola strojnicka Sportovcov 341/2 Povazska Bystrica
Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
ATT Training Ltd
Shenfield, United Kingdom
Centre for Modern Education (CZ), s.r.o.
Praha, Czech Republic