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Effective communication
Číslo projektu:2015-1-SK01-KA104-008854
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:13980 €
Sumár projektu:Being a small but multicultural organisation has given us an insight into the key differences in the area of communication. It is clear to us that our clients would benefit from adapting a more modern European form of communication, which in turn will lead to a more effective and efficient network stretching from the new members states to their western counterparts.A major aspect of this project focuses of the lack of perceived importance on soft skill acquisition.Research shows that soft skills are worth £88bn to the UK economy alone. We know through our work just how many adults improve these skills through participatingin all types of learning.All forms of learning, and not just those that lead to qualifications, help people build confidence, progress to other skills and are crucial to ensure they thrive in their lives and careers. Soft skills are also what every employer needs for their workforce to be successful.What truly sets us apart in our region is that our teachers bring to the courses their experience of their own culture and upbringing as well as their skills in language teaching. This unification of skills and knowledge requires reinvestment and re-immersion in their native cultures and language. This is due in part to their adaption to the local culture, which in itself is by no-means negative, has caused a cultural detachment from their origin. It is crucial to address this.This project leads to the creation of a tailor-made Effective communication course focusing on specific results:- building better business relationships in production companies- building confidence in participants dealing with different cultures- building language competence of participants in written and spoken form- building multicultural attitude of participants leading to braking boarders in communication- overall improvement in business cultureUltimately, this project is the initial stepping stone for our company to expand beyond its current scope giving us the opportunity to offer regional and national companies a much wider range of cultural language and skill based courses.
Koordinátor:Native School of English s.r.o., Kollárova 73, Martin