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Health Environment And Life (Healthy life in healthy environment)
Číslo projektu:2017-1-HU01-KA219-035975_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:The project ‘Health Environment And Life’ is implemented with the participation of the schools of 5 countries, with 2 transnational project meetings and 5 blended mobility meetings for school learners. The participants maintain contact with each other electronically between the mobility meetings, therefore, the project is implemented in a blended way, as it contains both virtual elements and face-to face meetings. Each school represents itself with 20-30 students in the extra- curricular course activities with the coordinating work of 2-4 teachers. With the help of the grant as well as - if necessary – by involving other sources, we wish to exceed the range of student mobility. The project’s topic is the impact of the environmental problems (air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and vibration exposure etc.) on our health; the prevention and reduction of the harmful effects for health purposes. We experience that the students lack the necessary knowledge in this field and the teachers do not have an appropriate course material to deal with this problem. Our aim is to develop a health- and environment conscious view, to improve the holistic approach and also to make students aware of the fact that the environment- and health damaging effects know no boundaries, therefore the solution requires international cooperation. In this way our long-term goals are important for each participating country. In addition, the individual goals and results are equally important: international relations, improving cooperative skills, developing foreign language skills, learning about the culture, attitudes and good practices of people in other countries, adopting the good practices and incorporating them in the different organizations’ own operation and practices. The target group is primarily the secondary school age group as well as the teachers. The parents are involved through the students, and the local decision makers will also be informed about the stages and results. Out of the priorities, the development of the students’ competences, the use of ICT devices and methods, as well as the improvement of the teachers’ professionalism and expertise are at the top of the list. For two years students of each participating school will attend extra-curricular courses, where the topics will be developed and elaborated on the basis of the students’ independent research, and presentations will be prepared by them on each phase of the implementation, on the completed tasks and on the results. Their works will be presented in the form of posters and presentations during the blended mobility meetings for school learners. The schools in the receiving countries will organize exhibitions of the project products in order to make their students acquainted with the topic. Between the meetings the participants maintain regular electronic contact with each other: websites eTwinning, videoconference, etc. The final project product is a course material which contains the topics of the extra- curricular courses along with the methods and the related measurement and assessment means and devices, tests, and methodological recommendations. It is not only the participating organizations that can incorporate the course material in their every day operation, but – through the wide ranging dissemination - it will be available for others as well. The topics of the transnational project meetings for the project management at the beginning and at the end of the project will be the preparation, the clarification of tasks, and, finally, the evaluation of the results. At these meetings the specific tasks of each partner will be finalized, which tasks they undertook during the preparation phase (satisfaction surveys, tests, task sheets and their evaluation, analyses, and managing the website etc.) Along with the participating student groups we intend to evaluate a control group as well in order to see the differences in attitudes and knowledge. Before closing the project, a teachers’ conference will be organized by the coordinating school, which – along with several other elements (website, eTwinning, press coverage, local media, exhibitions) – will be part of the dissemination.
Koordinátor:Gymnázium sv. Jána Zlatoústeho, ul. Lesná 28, Humenné