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Číslo projektu:2017-1-LT01-KA219-035229_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
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Sumár projektu:Water is essential for life as well as a vital resource for the economy. Water plays an essential part in regulating our climate. Water and climate are and always have been linked. For these reasons, freshwater is a finite, precious and indispensable resource for sustaining life, ensuring sustainable social welfare and economic prosperity, and a healthy ecosystem. The Love Every Drop project will be able to provide an introduction to the importance of water locally and globally and raise awareness of how simple actions can substantially reduce water consumption. The focus is for students to carry out water audits in their schools and homes, as well as of local rivers and lakes. Our aims are as the following: To make students understand the value of clean water in their local environment, to develop their knowledge about the importance of water by analyzing its role in the past, present and future, to enhance responsible attitudes and effective key competences towards the respect of water and our environment, to improve students’ language and intercultural knowledge, to make the students from the target group and the community responsible about the problem of water management, to identify solutions concerning the responsible management of environmental problems in general and water in particular, to integrate students in the European society as active participants and potential future decision makers, to promote cooperation between young people from different European countries. Subjects and Problems: 1. the main subject of the project is water preservation. The students will need to explain why water has become an endangered natural resource, they will find solutions and alternatives for reducing water consumption and they will identify alternative water resources. 2. The second main subject is providing European cooperation between students from different countries as active citizens in a common effort to resolve a general problem which will affect Europe in the years to come. Approach to achieve the objectives: The approach on this project is made through various strategies, deductive and inductive, focusing on the trainee. All the activities will be active and participative; we plan to use modern methods and digital instruments, educational platforms, virtual work places. Starting with local geographical particularities, but concerning a common problem at a European level, the students will work in international teams with the purpose of harmonizing the suggested solutions. By using brainstorming and student‐centered methods, questioning problems, case studies and projects, the students will be able to offer concrete solutions to the identified problems. “Love Every Drop” project will provide an introduction to the importance of water on both local and global basis. "Love Every Drop" will be implemented in 6 schools where they learn from each other and which now serves as a role model for other schools. Teachers will gain ideas and tools for an interdisciplinary learning programming on the theme of water. The major impact resides in the fact that the target group will become aware of the necessity of a rational and sustained management of the water resources. In this way they will become active participants in the process of environmental protection in general and water resources in particular. The development of the project will determine the raising of awareness amongst the population when it comes to the responsible management of water. This will lead to the reduction of water consumption at home and at school, by rationally using the existing resources and by raising the quantity of recycled water. Expected results: A letter to local authorities as future generations and a charter of the water-conscious citizen, creation of a project website and innovative educational units. Water usage tracking chart: We will use the chart to track our daily water use over two days. Water Detectives: Each class will be responsible for each month and they will work as water detectives. Every day they check for leaky taps: We will monitor our water usage every week by reading the water meter. Exhibition of photographs of different types of irrigation and the landscape surrounding these irrigation systems. Pupils will see themselves as global citizens who can make a difference to the world. Teachers will have ideas and tools for an interdisciplinary learning programming on the theme of water. The geographical area covered by the project (Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Lithuania) is a large area, crossing Europe both horizontally and vertically. This multi-country partnership intends to offer an added value to the project firstly thanks to the location of the partner country and secondly, to the transnational cooperation as it was planned.
Koordinátor:Zakladna umelecka skola Stefana Nemetha - Samorinskeho Nemeth - Samorinsky Istvan Muveszeti Alapiskola