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C.A.R.E. ''Caretaking And Reproductive Education''
Číslo projektu:2017-1-TR01-KA219-045826_2
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Sumár projektu: C.A.R.E. ''Caretaking And Reproductive Education'' shows that collaboration and exchange of good practices between pre-schools. It will focus on key-competences specially sciences. Many of the behaviours which arise naturally during children’s play can help prepare children for the study of science at school.C.A.R.E. ''Caretaking And Reproductive Education'' will show you how to encourage the six behaviours which are part of the preschool scientific method, and will help you support and encourage these:• observing• classifying• experimenting• predicting• drawing conclusions• communicating ideas. Real science in preschool provides an overview of early science learning and includes ideas for science learning in different settings and areas of the care environment.Excellence in science education must begin in kindergarten. Good science education at the earliest grades is supremely important, but in most classrooms it gets short shrift. Studies have found that children in kindergarten are already forming negative views about science that could cast a shadow across their entire educational careers.Studies have found that children in kindergarten are already forming negative views about science that could cast a shadow across their entire educational careers.When people say they don’t like science, it’s most likely because of a bad experience they had as a child. It was the EXPERIENCE that shaped their negative opinion. That’s why it’s so important to focus on working with early childhood educators to learn how to create amazing experiences that encourage discovery through play, asking questions, exploration and using creativity to solve simple problems. It’s almost impossible to erase bad experiences. On the flip side, amazing experiences turn into unforgettable learning experiences that can inspire and motivate children to learn and explore more on their own. We as teachers have the opportunity to create amazing experiences that will have a lasting impact on our students throughout their entire school experience. We are part of a 5 - country partnership, along with pre schools in Turkey, Poland,Lithuania,Italy,and Slovakia. With C.A.R.E. ''Caretaking And Reproductive Education'' the importance of the pre-school education will be implemented in different countries and pre-school comparison of the education systems will also be made. The aim of this project is to compare the present systems of pre-school education in the participating European countries and improve the quality of the actual pre-school educational services.Visits to the partner’s countries will allow the participants to discuss the differences in the curriculums. During these visits each partner will display their pre-school teaching methods. Theachers will see the host school activities, methods by teaching science and the education in general at the school and will transfer good practices. IMPACT: Pre-school-teacher: New skills with respect to working with children; image and concept of the child; tasks and role of the teachers in learning through projects; The teachers involves in the project will have the opportunity to compare the different curricula, identify common and/or different contents accordingly to the project themes. Using this innovative methodology will allow the development of students’ different intelligences; They will develop as people with shared common values;develop collaboration and cooperation skills;share methodological experiences as the teaching-learning process becomes more active.The involvement of our institution will open the doors to Europe. The staff is highly motivated to participate in the partnership; we have well-trained personnel to work and develop the aims defined in the partnership. We believe this experience will not only benefit our pupils, but it will extend to the towns where our kindergartens are located, creating thus a net amongEuropean locations for future collaboration. Regarding the impact the project will have in our kindergarten we are pretty sure it will contribute to broaden everybody's minds and to awaken a European consciousness which is still to awake. The collaboration between different kindergartens, different cultures, countries and languages will help pupils, teachers and the whole community to overcome racial and cultural problems. It will also have a say in the relationship among the pupils of every kindergarten. Final products will be important for teaching material that can be used after the project, in the project schools and other schools interested. - Good practice guide "C.A.R.E" translated into partner languages will allow free access to the public via the Internet and will be applicable to long-term partner in the national curriculum of schools.
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