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3D Aids for Handicapped Children
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048025_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:65640 €
Sumár projektu:Technical schools from Sweden - Vaggeryd, Czech Republic - Pardubice and Slovakia - Prešov have been successfully cooperating in learning, teaching, training 3D techniques for two years. Since the schools are focused on teaching 3D modelling, programming, electronics, robotics and they are well equipped with 3D printers partners decided to exploit these conditions to create useful products - 3 types of rehabilitation aids for handicapped children. Students will learn/practise needed knowledge in named subjects (at about 400 altogether) during two school years. Those who achieve best professional results, ability to communicate in English, get agreement of class teachers and also prove deep enthusiasm (project work demands study and creating given tasks in their own free time) will make the project students team. Final knowledge of the project participants exceed school curricula significantly. The implementation of the project is divided into phases each finishes by LTTA. Teams will gradually fulfil planned preparation of the aid at schools and complete them in transnational teams during LTTA. Made prototype will be verified in partners sanatoriums and then given to children. Benefits of projects Erasmus are irreplaceable versatile. Experience from mutual cooperation in projects proves that participants are deeply motivated to improve their technical knowledge and skills because they are proud of their national and in LTTAs transnational teams, proud they could assemble sophisticated aid such as robotic glove demanded deep knowledge of electrical circuits, programming, 3D modelling, 3D printing, assembling. They will feel satisfaction while watching handicapped children who are playing with these aids. While cooperating in transnational teams in LTTAs students learn special English terms, have to understand one another, intensively communicate even in leisure time activities. They improve their English. Since they undergo lessons of partners languages they learn basic social phrases of three European languages. The part of each activity is a sightseeing, observing nice natural places, excursion into company whose production is automated (CZ). They learn other countries culture, lifestyle. Results of the project are three aids - two robotic, based on programming and one simple made by 3D modelling and printing. These aids will be given to a sanatorium in each country and offered to other institutions, e.g. hospitals. Description of them will be published on the web of these aids and their creating recorded on a video. Apart from this teachers will make E-L programme teaching the creating of aids. Participants make videos about LTTAs later performed to classmates, to the public. Since they learn basic phrases of partners each will make a simple dictionary. All implementation and results will be published on the project web whose address will be sent to local schools. Exhibition of aids will be shown to parents at their meetings, to the public at School Open Doors and at competitions which secondary schools arrange for primary schools. Articles about project will be published at school webs and local press.
Koordinátor:Stredna priemyselna skola elektrotechnicka