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We are different, we are same, a project about diversity
Číslo projektu:2018-1-SE01-KA229-039094_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:118830 €
Sumár projektu:As school is reflecting our society the participating schools in this Erasmus+ project are challenged by a raising racism and affected by more and more right-winged political parties with xenophobic opinions proliferate around Europe. The recent years of increased immigration means the schools involved in this application all are in need for adequate tools how to deal with diversity in order to meet and defeat racism. At the same time schools are encountering a growing fear and non-acceptance of persons that are different or don't, for any reason, fit in our social patterns. As a result teachers face more and in many cases, hidden, bullying in our schools which in turn results in more pupils refusing to come to school. The KA2 project “We are different, we are same, a project about diversity” aims to enhance the understanding and acceptance of diversity through an intercultural dialogue between students (14-17 years) and teachers from four countries; Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. The objectives of the project are aiming at a diverse group of students age 14-17, teachers and parents in order to: • raise students awareness of how to contribute to a tolerant society • give students and teachers, different intercultural perspectives on diversity, tolerance and bullying • give teachers insight in different concrete methods for dealing with diversity and intolerance • raise parents awareness of how school is tackling diversity and intolerance and how they can be a part of this work The main methodology of the project will be based on activities that relate to 4 themes: tolerance, bullying, diversity and special needs education. All themes will be prepared and presented by both students and teachers and analyzed both separately by each school and together during 4 planned transnational meetings held in each of the partner country. In all there will be 104 mobilities of which 72 are allocated to students, however the project will involve all teachers and students of the participating school. The concrete results of our project will be enhanced tolerance among students, less bullying and discrimination and, in a wider perspective students that are better prepared to become interculturally skilled and responsible European citizens The activities performed will equally train our students in critical thinking and in recognizing media manipulation. By sharing the best practices from each school and community and collecting all work into a "Diversity Toolkit", the project will in addition deliver concrete outputs that can benefit not only ours but also other schools in our different countries. In the longer perspective the project will contribute to an inclusive school environment where diversity is promoted, which in turn lowers the risk for Early School Leaving. The project not only contributes to the top priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and the EU2020 strategy, it is also clearly targets to a number of goals of the 2015 Paris Declaration by: - ensuring young people acquire social, civic and intercultural competences, by promoting democratic values and fundamental rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, as well as active citizenship - - enhancing critical thinking and media literacy, particularly in the use of the Internet and social media, so as to develop resistance to of discrimination and indoctrination.
Koordinátor:Stredna umelecka skola, Vodarenska 3, Presov