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Rozděleni a přesto spolu, Česko-slovenská spolupráce
Číslo projektu:2019-1-CZ01-KA229-061283_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:22176 €
Sumár projektu:The project of Czech-Slovak cooperation “Divided but still together” is a joint project of the Czech Post-Secondary Technical School, Secondary Technical School and Secondary Vocational School of Crafts and Services, Strakonice and the Slovak Secondary Vocational School, Levice. It is focused on the development of international cooperation in the field of vocational education and vocational training for vocational programmes, the improvement of key competences level and pupils´ skills, especially the programmes of a Cook-Waiter, a Hairdresser with regard to their importance for the labour market, support of entrepreneurship, creativity and intercultural awareness. Thanks to the project promotion in cooperation with regional media, the other aim is to motivate pupils to study foreign languages, support the improvement of quality and variegation of teaching methods, introduce innovative procedures and new forms of work and teaching, increase the attractiveness of vocational programmes for the pupils interested in studying in the future and for the general public. The project is attended by the pupils (17-20 years) and the teachers of vocational training and subjects of the vocational programmes of a Cook-Waiter, a Hairdresser, an Electrician, a Display designer, a Digital Media Graphic. There will be cooperation with the teachers of vocational subjects focused on computer technology and communication technologies as well. There will be 7 pupils from upper grades (4 pupils from the vocational programme of a Cook-Waiter + 3 pupils from the vocational programme of a Hairdresser) + 2 teachers of the vocational training (one for each programme) involved in each exchange cycle in the short-term mobility. During the exchanges the pupils will work together on the topics assigned to them according to their programmes, always under the supervision of the vocational training teachers. They will create materials for the electronic cookbook and electronic book of hairstyles (including the recorded work procedures) using video and photo documentation in cooperation with the pupils of the programmes of an Electrician and a Digital Media Graphic. Furthermore, they will become acquainted with the specifics of different culture, history and lifestyle. Part of the project will be joint trainings of 3 professional pedagogical staff, which will include, among others, a comparison of the Czech and Slovak system of vocational education, working methods, particular approaches, interconnection with practice. Within the vocational training the pupils of the programme of a Display designer and a Digital Media Graphic will create an information banner about the overall cooperation on the project, which will be located in the communal areas at particular schools. Together the pupils will create an electronic dictionary of the Czech and Slovak vocational expressions used in their professions. The outputs of the project will be available online on the websites of the project, as well as the schools, they will be shared within the Erasmus platform for results dissemination, TwinSpace. The mutual continuous preparation and cooperation of both of the participating schools will be carried out through TwinSpace and other online tools. The created materials will be used as teaching materials even for other schools, and their form may not be definitive and could be extended by the outputs of other follow-up international projects, which we would like to continue with. The evaluation of the project will be carried out in a continuous form of discussion clubs, joint discussions and retrospectively through the use of questionnaires created for this purpose as well.
Koordinátor:Stredná odborná škola, Ul. sv. Michala 36