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Číslo projektu:2019-1-CZ01-KA229-061412_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:12695 €
Sumár projektu:The project Searching for the lost past aims to commemorate common past of the former Czechoslovak republic. The past that is inknown - lost for the present generation of children. Children in the Czech or Slovak Repulic are aware of the past only from books or textbooks. Missing information and disinformation is becoming deeper and language barrier is becoming bigger. On the other hand, a very good relationship between the two nations still exists. This project wants to follow up the positive relationship , we want to show to our pupils the past that we lost after dividing the former Czechoslovak state. We want to show that we are still like brothers and sisters that we used to be. Brothers and sisters who support one another and who take care of their parents and grandparents. Children and teachers will go back to the past on their expeditions to past - they will travel to chosen places, study interesting facts, taste typical meals, search for 10 most important historical personalities of both countries. Children will get to know their former common fatherland, that was built by their greatgrandparents. They will look for differencies and similarities in lives of the two nations. 20 pupils at the age between 10 to 13 will be engaged from each school., school management and pedagogical staff will secure methodological leading. Project activities would develop pupils´ competences in several areas - technologies, media, social and personal, creativity. They will work on various types of outputs - they will make a video, they will take photographs or make a painting, they will write a travellerś diary , write a short biographical story, they will make a presentation., which Outputs of the project - exhibitions , bulletin, paintings, photographs, worksheets will be accessible for public in both countries. The project would promote partnership between the two institutions, experience exchange, sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues from differenet countries. The project would foster the development of the intercultural, social, civic competences, media literacy and critical thinking. Raising awareness of the importance of Europe's cultural heritage through education is also promoted by the project.
Koordinátor:Základná škola Važecká 11, Prešov