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Let's Read: A Reading Promotion Programme through Gamification
Číslo projektu:2019-1-ES01-KA229-064089_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:30615 €
Sumár projektu:"Let's Read: A Reading Promotion Programme Through Gamification" arises from a need, which is to develop a reading plan that encourages reading for pleasure for students increasingly reluctant to read both in their native language and in second language. Today's teenagers prefer other leisure and free time activities, such as video games or even board games, so it is necessary to define methods of reading promotion that use the techniques that stimulate the loyalty of these games and incorporate them in the curriculum for the development of reading. This is gamification, to introduce techniques and dynamics of games into non-ludic contexts, such as education. Therefore the main objective of our project is to promote reading in students, in order to develop their creativity, critical and divergent thinking, prevent failure and school dropout and at the same time to do so through an international project that allows us to share good practices on reading promotion with other schools in Europe, learning to work in teams in international contexts and developing active citizenship and a sense of belonging to a united Europe. During the next two years, we will analyze the different elements of gamification, starting from the "narratives" which are the context stories in which the different gamified activities are inserted, the types of players, the reward systems, and the dynamics. At each mobility, in which 5 students from each country will participate, together with the host students, we will focus on one of these elements, and using design-thinking as the work methodology, we will design our own gamified reading program based on the interest of the students. These dynamics will be put into practice in different countries upon completion of the mobilities. The local activities, in which some 2000 students will participate, are focused on working, with the techniques that result from the mobilities, different literary works that are being studied in the different countries or books that the students decide to read on their own, both in native or in second language, through fun dynamics such as booktubers, podcasts, thematic nights, webquests, the reading snake, etc, as well as activities to get to know each other and establish links such as videoconferences or competitions. At the end of the project we will have developed, thanks to the work and starting from the interest of the students, a programme of reading promotion using gamification techniques that will have served to encourage interest in the reading of the students participating in the project, not only of the participants in the mobilities, but also of all students from the educational levels where the project has been implemented. When performed internationally our students will have worked in teams, known other cultures through activities such as videoconferences or webquests, created videos, podcasts, etc., using English as a language of communication, so they will also have developed their communicative competence in English, apart from social and interpersonal skills. Our project wants to endure over time and be used not only in our schools in subsequent years, but also in all those schools throughout Europe which want to implement a model similar to ours, based on gamification, to make reading an activity fun, entertaining, social and dynamic.
Koordinátor:Základná škola, Pavilón B, Školská ul. č. 26, Pribeta