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Dreamy Gardens for a Great Europe
Číslo projektu:2019-1-ES01-KA229-065492_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:24952 €
Sumár projektu:DREAMY GARDENS FOR A GREA EUROPE main aim, is to exchange new experiences , based on previous ones, through learning strategies. We propase to create vertical gardens at schools, using recycled materials, sharing old experiences and partners experiences. School gardens benefits will be expanded to the rest of the members; schools will be more modern and will become internationalized; students will be motivated through the use of ICT's and the learning of English language. We will contribute to improve the view that schools have in their towns; to develop basic competences related to the use of information and communication technologies; to improve the academic progress through new and motivating methodologies and to have conclussions about lite and future experiences at schools. IT´S INCLUDED IN OUR EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT NUMBER ANO PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS The partnership is composed by 4 schools: Spain is the coordinator-applicant and as partners Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland. Spain parts from Aldea Project, Bulgaria parts from traditional crops program, Slovakia parts from School Gardening Club in a big city and Poland parts from Globe Programe. Teachers have a high level of English and they are expert at working using ICT's; they have previous experience in school gardens and European projects. Schools are located in rural and no populated areas or border areas. Participants mobilities, who will be selected through Schools Councils by a honest process. Coordinators and planning teachers will go to staff learning meetings. Pupils exchanges are the base of this project. Children will explain to their partners, the projects worked in their schools. Students will be the main explainers to their new collages, through workshops, meetings, talks, expositions, eTwinning conferences and Space. Collaborative work will be the main aspect in this part of the project. ACTIVITIES Activities are focused on spread and share experiences from each partner, by their sharing experiences about enviroment projects, gardens and environment plans. Farming techniques and practice will be shared by ali schools. The first year work will be based on landing crops and during the second year of the project activities will be based on designing and building vertical gardens. Training activities far teachers and short pupils exchanges are included. They will contribute to improve academic progress through experiences transmission by the students. METHODOLOGY is based on projects learning process , through which we will work critica! thinking, colaboration and communication.We establish theses phases: *Theme; we share good practices by creating gardens *Previous knowlegdes and ideas: Gardens and workshops made by the school partners *Objectives and work development: organization and planning of the activities and experiences *Students research about the developed by the schools partners. Resources from each school, timing and spaces will be taken into account. Technologies use will help communication process amongst partners *The evaluation will be continuous and measurable. Results will be taken into account by the checking and evaluation plan The RESULTS in the first year will be concrete and strategic; they must be real and they will be reviewed through the checking and evaluation plan. The results during the second year will based on the design and building of vertical gardens. FINAL RESULTS: Changes in the teaching- learning strategics- architecture and ornamentation changes at schools- self-steem and motivation improve in students and teachers-European values increase- Long impact in the future IMPACT We will get a direct impact in students (social habilities, self-steem, European awareness, basic competences); teachers(new methodology, Erasmus + experience and motivation); families (school lite inclusion). About schools (learning quality improvement, professional view expansion) about local and regional (administrations and asociations colaboration, good practices examples and dissemination) LONGER TERM BENEFITS When we finish the project, schools will have vertical gardens, made by our students and built with recycled materials. School walls will be alive and green .Vertical Gardens will be part of schools and they will have ornamental and working functions. Actions and activities will be part of the school planning, and new methodologies will be included through collaborat ive and project learning
Koordinátor:Základná škola Matky Alexie